Starbucks' Valentine's Day Menu Doesn't Skimp On Chocolate

This year, Starbucks will be embracing the Valentine's Day spirit with some new chocolate-infused offerings. According to a press release shared with Mashed, the international coffee chain is offering two new drink creations for the holiday, known as the "Love at First Sip" duo. The drinks will be available at all U.S. Starbucks locations starting January 30 and can be ordered via the Starbucks app. From the drink descriptions alone, it's clear the goal this year was to satisfy the chocolate lovers.

First, Starbucks is adding to its popular line of Frappuccinos with its new Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Crème drink. This Valentine's Frappuccino treat is made from ice, milk, strawberry puree, and java chips, and it's topped with an additional layer of strawberry puree and whipped cream. The coffee chain aims to keep the sweet innovations coming with another new cold drink for those looking to sweeten up their Valentine's celebration: the Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Cold Brew. This iced beverage starts, of course, with cold brew and is sweetened with hazelnut syrup. It's then topped with chocolate cream cold foam and a chocolate cookie crumble topping.

The Valentine's Day celebration is already in full swing

Starbucks already kicked off its Valentine's Day celebration back in early January with the release of its Valentine's Day drinkware collection. The selection of mugs and travel cups is decorated in light hues of blue and pink and accented with abstract floral designs — not to mention plenty of thematically appropriate hearts. The collection is available at U.S. Starbucks locations.

As for Starbucks' Love at First Sip duo, the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Crème Frappuccino and the Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Cold Brew will be available for a limited time while supplies last. A 16-ounce (or "Grande") version of the former will cost anywhere from $5.95 to $6.75, while a 16-ounce Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Cold Brew will cost between $5.25 and $5.75. Prices will vary by location. So, whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your longtime partner or proudly flying solo and single, if you're a fan of chocolate, you might want to factor in a visit to Starbucks this February.