Starbucks Fans Need To Know About This Valentine's Day Frappuccino

Although it may not feel like it, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. With February 14 only a little over a month away, people around the world are buying boxes of chocolates, purchasing wonderfully cheesy Hallmark cards, and making dinner reservations to gear up for the most romantic holiday of the year. If you've been struck by Cupid's arrow, Valentine's Day can be a holiday packed with sweet surprises and heartfelt grand gestures. But, whether you've caught the love bug or not, everyone can still make the most of this love-filled holiday regardless of their relationship status. You certainly don't need to opt out of the V-Day festivities just because you are riding solo this year — really, anyone and everyone should take advantage of the delicious sweet treats.

From the heart shaped chocolate and candy, to the pink and red baked goods, Valentine's Day boasts some of the most mouthwatering flavors of the year including chocolate, red velvet, and strawberry. This year, Starbucks aficionados can celebrate the holiday by ordering a Valentine's Day Frappuccino, as noted by Taste of Home. The one catch? You won't find this festive drink on the regular Starbucks menu. Here's how to order it.

Make your day extra sweet with this festive Valentine's Day beverage

Aside from October, the month of February is the best of the year for anyone with a sweet tooth. When in doubt, skip the V-Day flowers and go straight for the seasonal goodies. If you are looking to make a friend or loved one feel extra special this year, you can also mix things up by gifting them with a Valentine's Day Frappuccino. While you won't find this icy beverage among the other popular frozen drinks the chain offers, it is on the secret menu, as noted by Taste of Home. You just need to know how to order it.

First and foremost, start off by asking for a Strawberry Frappuccino. Kindly ask the barista to replace the traditional milk that is typically used in this fruity frappe for sweet cream or heavy whipping cream. This will make your refreshing drink both thicker and sweeter, says the article. Then request a drizzle of chocolate sauce to be added before they add in the whipped cream and on top of it, so that the chocolate flavoring really infuses into your beverage. Lastly, for the perfect festive finish, ask for some of their dried strawberries on top. And, voila! Keep in mind that this drink will cost more than the original Strawberry Frappuccino due to the added and substituted ingredients.

If the flavors of this Frappuccino don't strike your fancy, Starbucks has other Valentine's Day-themed drinks on the secret menu, including the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappuccino and the Pink Starburst Frappuccino (via