Aldi's Mint Chocolate Irish Cream Returns In Time For St. Patrick's Day

Fans of Aldi's mint chocolate-flavored Irish cream are certainly feeling the luck of the Irish right now, as the store has announced that the item will be returning to shelves just in time for Saint Patrick's Day. Much as it did with its strawberry variety, starting February 28, the chain will restock the beverage in honor of the March holiday. No stranger to bringing back a well-loved product for the sake of holiday celebration, Aldi is getting in on the Saint Patrick's Day fun this year by bringing back Connelly's Mint Chocolate Country Cream.

At an affordable $8.99 per 750-milliliter bottle, this Irish cream probably won't break the bank. The smooth texture, balanced sweetness, and hint of mint may well appeal to a wide range of palates. Beyond sipping Connelly's straight or over ice (what's Saint Patrick's Day without a little swig of something?) this drink lends itself well to creative culinary applications.

Connelly's is a versatile holiday helper

What might folks do with Connelly's Mint Chocolate Country Cream? Incorporate it into their favorite dessert recipes for a minty and chocolatey twist. That twist will come with a little something extra, as this item has an alcohol content of 13.9%. So that's something to consider when deciding how much to use. People can also try adding a splash to hot cocoa, or even drizzling it over ice cream or cakes for a Shamrock Shake-adjacent peppermint kick.

The product can also do what it's most typically intended for: taking cocktails to new heights and bringing a unique flavor profile to classics like Irish coffee or minty martinis. Whatever people use it for, the price could make it easy to pop a quarter into an Aldi shopping cart and fill it up with Irish cream if they so choose. If we've learned anything, it can go away at a moment's notice.