Mtn Dew Teases Parks And Rec Reunion With Super Bowl 2024 Ad

Fans of MTN DEW Baja Blast, take note: The formerly exclusive-to-Taco-Bell flavor will now be widely available to consumers everywhere. As teased earlier in the year, MTN DEW is running its first Super Bowl spot for the flavor in 2024, and it's assembled a few familiar faces for the ad. First off, fans of the hit NBC series "Parks and Recreation" will be happy to see Aubrey Plaza, who played April Ludgate on the long-running series, as the official face of the brand, per a statement shared with Mashed. The company made two teaser ads to stoke interest in the official spot; in the first, Plaza deadpans a response to receiving a gift, and in the second, she spars with a reptilian costar. But what's the big reveal?

The company explained, "In the spot, MTN DEW BAJA BLAST and Aubrey Plaza will show fans that having a blast can be as simple as enjoying a refreshing MTN DEW BAJA BLAST anytime, anywhere." The commercial, which will air at some point during the first quarter of the Big Game, doesn't just boast one essential member of the Pawnee Parks Department. MTN DEW has teased that the spot will reunite Plaza with a former cast member from the show. Nick Offerman, who played the gruff but lovable Ron Swanson on "Parks and Recreation," will star alongside Plaza in the new campaign.

Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman will reunite for MTN DEW's Super Bowl ad

Reuniting favorite sitcom characters is no doubt a welcome way to usher in the long-awaited widespread release of Baja Blast. Fortunately for fans, the flavor is set to be available throughout 2024. J.P. Bittencourt, MTN DEW's V.P. of marketing, potentially referenced the planned reunion in a press release from January 2: "MTN DEW BAJA BLAST has cemented its place as a fan-favorite flavor in pop culture and as a staple in countless Taco Bell orders, so we knew we had to celebrate its 20th anniversary in a big way. Nothing's better than giving fans what they've asked for, with a few additional surprises to keep the celebration going all year long." Could one of these surprises be this mini-reunion of Pawnee's best?

So, when you're watching Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, don't forget to keep an eye out for some of your old "Parks and Rec" favorites. Hopefully, any interest this advertising event generates will ensure that MTN DEW BAJA BLAST will stick around well past 2024. Until then, customers have another potential 11 DEW-filled months to enjoy it.