TikTok's Slushie Trend Is A Viral Mess No One Needs

Social media may have been designed to bring people closer together, but few things can make you feel more out of the loop than a TikTok trend that flies right over your head — or in this case, right out of your hand and onto your car's windshield. To partake in this trend, teenagers are hurling perfectly good slushies at their well-manicured cars, seemingly for no reason.

Hundreds of videos tagged #slushietrend have been accumulating on TikTok since January 2024, each following a similar blueprint. With Jay Lewis' song "Bag Season" as the soundtrack, the videos often start with one or more teens hopping out of a car at a gas station and heading inside to purchase a slushie. After they do so, they chuck their slushies at their own cars.

On one such video from TikTok user @kaidan.6fo, which has accumulated nearly 300,000 likes, one commenter begged for an explanation for the TikTok food trend. "There is no explanation," the video's creator replied. Despite this lack of motivation, the comments were otherwise flooded with words of validation. "That was the best throw I've seen," one comment read. "This is a crazy trend but you're winning so far," said another.

The self-proclaimed originator of the trend claims it's for the truck community

Worth noting is that an overwhelming majority of these videos feature supremely jacked-up trucks. Many of the videos also feature the tag #bubbatruck, a nickname teens have bestowed upon modified four-wheel-drive pick-up trucks. According to TikTok user @hunterboolay, who claims to have initiated the slushie trend, their initial video aimed to highlight their truck.


Grappin 😵 #bubbatruck🌾 #bubbarig🌾 #fypシ

♬ Bag Season – Jay Lewis

In a video posted to TikTok on January 28, @hunterboolay explained that while some people are crediting TikTok user @brett.michaels with starting the bizarre trend (another member of TikTok's truck community), the video @brett.michaels posted on January 8 only shows the creator buying a slushie and returning to their vehicle. "I thought to myself, 'What does that have to do with trucks?'" @hunterboolay said. That's when @hunterboolay decided to make a video similar to @brett.michaels', opting instead to launch the slushie at the front of their truck. "I had no idea this would turn into a huge trend," they claimed.

While it remains unclear how throwing the slushie made the trend more relevant to the truck community, @hunterboolay wants naysayers to know that this is who the trend is for. "At the end of the day, it just brought the truck community closer and everyone's having fun doing it."