Pizza Hut Is Selling Break-Up Pizzas For Valentine's Day

Pizza takeout may not be the most romantic dinner for Valentine's Day, but Pizza Hut thinks that it's the meal everyone needs after a breakup. A sad movie, a couch, and a pizza that's way too big for one person could even be a breakup starter pack. It won't heal you, but it will help. According to a press release shared with Mashed, this coming Valentine's Day, Pizza Hut has a new offering it's calling the "Goodbye Pie." For those who lack the guts to break up with their significant other face-to-face, they can send their future ex a pizza for free to break the news. The ex won't get the in-person explanation they deserve, but at least they get a pizza.

According to information shared with Mashed, Pizza Hut's idea came from the statistic that 45% of people think it's better to break up before Valentine's Day rather than after. In fact, there is a phenomenon known as "Red Tuesday" — the Tuesday before Valentine's Day is a popular day for breakups. Those who receive a Goodbye Pie delivery get a limited-edition pizza with chile-infused hot honey and curly pepperonis packaged in a personalized pizza box with the break-upper's name. It's a big surprise in more than just one way.

How can you get a Goodbye Pie?

Not everyone breaking up with someone will be able to get their hands on a free Hot Honey "Goodbye Pies." Those who want to deliver one to their soon-to-be-ex have to submit for a free pizza on the website starting on February 6 and ending on February 14 (maybe not the best day to break up, but that's okay!). Participating cities include NYC, Chicago, and Miami but the rest of the country is still included in a different way. Those living outside of these cities can use the same website to request Pizza Hut to send a break-up text and Hot Honey pizza gift card to their future ex.

Pizza Hut has done something that's quite the opposite of break-up pizzas in the past. You might have forgotten about Pizza Hut's bizarre Valentine's Day proposal deal: In 2012, 10 people could buy a $10,000 proposal package complete with everything from a ring to a limousine to a box of pizza. Break-up pizzas are a little less exclusive than this, and even those who aren't breaking up can try the new hot honey flavor, either in pizza form starting at $11.99 or chicken wings starting at $5.99.