The Hilarious Reason KFC Named Itself 'Stick Figure Chicken' In Its TikTok Bio

A viral TikTok has us rethinking that famous KFC logo, and it seems that KFC is in on the joke, too. TikTok content creator, @dadchats is known for sharing funny anecdotes about his young children. One recent post struck a particular chord for many. In just six days, his video has garnered a whopping 1.6 million likes: And it's sparked some discussion about KFC's iconic logo. 

In the video, the creator explains that his young son requested "people chicken" for dinner. After plenty of "tears, fears, and adrenaline," and a lot of confusion about what the boy was referring to, they asked him to draw a picture to help them understand. He drew a stick figure with a big spiky head. "Yeah, stick figure chicken, stick figure chicken!" It was finally determined that the child identified Colonel Sanders' bowtie on the KFC logo as the full body of a person. The creator said it "might actually be a very large head on a stick figure body." Many commenters had a "mind blown" moment and declared they'd never see the logo the same way again.

The creator suggested that "people chicken" should be KFC's new slogan, and the fast food chain clearly thought a rebrand wasn't a bad idea. Amidst the buzz created by the viral TikTok, the bio of the Kentucky Fried Chicken TikTok account was changed to, "Hi, welcome to Stick Figure Chicken. May I take your order?"

KFC is leaning into the new logo interpretation

According to the real-life story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC and the face of the fast food chain's logo, the businessman was almost always wearing a white suit with a black bowtie. This ensemble became iconic, and for those familiar with KFC, the logo has always just shown a guy in a suit. But this isn't the first time this reality has been called into question. For years, viral tweets and memes have pointed out that through the eyes of a child, that ubiquitous logo shows a stick figure with a giant head. This might be the first time KFC has joined in on the fun so enthusiastically, though.


I cant unsee it now 👨‍🦰🐓

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The folks at KFC didn't just honor the concept of "stick figure chicken" with the bio change; they've leaned into the new identity even further. Just two days after the viral video was posted, KFC's TikTok account posted a video showing the bio being updated. A few days later, the brand honored one commenter's request to see a "Colonel S stick figure walking around" by posting a video demonstrating the stick figure version of the logo walking around in paper doll form. The viral video that started it all has the caption, "I can't unsee it now," and it seems many of us share that feeling — even the minds at KFC, themselves.