Reddit Is In Turmoil Over Buc-Ee's Chicken Sandwich

Buc-ee's has cultivated a strong reputation and a bit of a cult following thanks to its Texas-approved philosophy, "bigger is better." It's not just a gas station but an eatery many folks count as must-try dining when driving through the South. The menu includes breakfast burritos, hot brisket, savory kolaches, and various sandwiches. However, the beloved fried chicken sandwich has recently disappeared from some Buc-ee's locations, much to some Redditors' disappointment

One commenter stopped in at a Georgia location in February of 2024 to find that there was no longer an area for the chicken sandwich at the food counter, and an employee confirmed that it was no longer being offered. According to other posts, the sandwich's scarcity seems to go as far back as a few months ago. However, there has been no official statement from Buc-ee's indicating that it has removed the chicken sandwich from its menus, and other Redditors say that its availability varies by location. 

It's been a bad year for chicken

After an outbreak of avian flu in 2022, the U.S. poultry market had a devastating year, and it's still struggling to make a comeback. This has resulted in higher chicken costs that have made a previously very cheap protein less profitable for restaurants, which may be one reason Buc-ee's has pulled the sandwich from some locations. Additionally, there was a salmonella outbreak in late 2023, and according to the CDC, Texas, the state where the vast majority of Buc-ee's are located, was significantly impacted. This could also result in a chicken patty shortage impacting some locations more than others. 

Some Redditors say they have had success finding the sandwich, so it does seem to be available at some Buc-ee's stores. Sadly, there's no way to know if the Buc-ee's you're heading to has it. At this time, the cause of the chicken sandwich's abrupt disappearance remains unknown. For now, you may have to try a different Buc-ee's sandwich or settle for a another fast-food fried chicken sandwich altogether.