Super Bowl Attendees Are Shook Over The Price Of This Year's Concessions

Thousands of excited fans have poured into the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers yet again fight for the Super Bowl title, just four years after their first face-off back in 2020. Those lucky enough to attend the event in person spent quite a bit of money on tickets — this year's Super Bowl prices hit record highs, with the least expensive ticket selling for $2,000. After spending a pretty penny to enter the stadium, fans began to notice how high concessions were priced.

Those who frequent sporting events are no strangers to expensive NFL stadium food, but the sky-high prices on concession menus at the Super Bowl seem to have given these die-hard football fans sticker shock. Attendees took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their frustrations about $13 hot dogs and $7 bags of Cheetos. One user said what we are all thinking: "Now this is a Crime!"

Hungry fans are shelling out the big bucks for classic stadium foods

Like in past years and venues, this year's Super Bowl venue prohibits fans from bringing in any outside food and beverages, which means that when fans grow hungry or thirsty, they will have to visit the stadium's concession stands. Photos posted to X show that the sporting venue is serving attendees popular Super Bowl foods like hot dogs, chips, pretzels, and beer at a jaw-dropping price. A 20-ounce Pepsi or bottle of Aquafina water will cost fans $10, and those running low on electrolytes will have to pay $13 for Gatorade of the same size.

Fans were not too happy when they realized that ordering something as seemingly simple as a chili dog and a Bud Light Seltzer would cost almost $35. According to fan photos, a souvenir popcorn bucket was reportedly priced at $14.99, offering $2.99 refills for guests willing to brave the long lines more than once. One user on X was disheartened by the high prices, writing, "This, on top of a 10,000 dollar (low end) seat? This game isn't affordable for the average fan." Other commenters on the thread claimed that they would rather attempt to sneak snacks in than pay such high prices for simple snack foods.