Hidden Valley Ranch And Cheez-It Crafted A Cheese-Filled Ranch

If any condiment deserves national recognition it's ranch dressing, and while the company that owns Hidden Valley Ranch has nothing to do with food, that hasn't stopped its delicious products from rolling out. Hidden Valley recently announced something special just days before National Ranch Day, which falls on March 10. The famous ranch brand is partnering with Cheez-It to bring a unique flavor mashup to store shelves. "Cheezy Ranch" will be available for $5.99 at Kroger locations in late March and at Walmart stores in April.

Fans will surely go crazy about this mashup, and they are the inspiration behind the partnership. In a statement shared with Mashed, Hidden Valley Ranch marketing director CC Ciafone said, "Ranch fans never cease to amaze us with their creative twists on Hidden Valley Ranch." Ciafone explained how it was consumers combining Hidden Valley Ranch and Cheez-It crackers that sparked this partnership and noted that the company "couldn't be more thrilled to make this dream collaboration a reality!"

Senior brand director for Cheez-It, Cara Tragseiler, also raved about the exciting new possibilities, saying, "For the first time ever, our fans can drizzle the cheezy deliciousness they know and love on just about anything!" reaffirming the truth about Cheez-It crackers being quite versatile.

Ranch dressing has endless flavor possibilities

The truth of Hidden Valley Ranch is that it's seemingly good with everything. However, the flavor profile of this new Cheez-It-inspired product mixes the classic taste of ranch dressing with the nostalgic cheesy element that Cheez-It fans crave, making it the perfect condiment for dipping tortilla chips, chicken nuggets, french fries, or pretzels.

Interestingly, those on social media seem to have mixed feelings about this product, with one commenter writing on Instagram that "this doesn't seem appealing at all" and another user claiming it's basically just a cheese sauce for dipping. "Flip it and you've got a product (ranch-flavored Cheez-Its)," one user wrote. However, others expressed excitement about the product collab, claiming they had to try it, with one commenter stating, "Midwest for the win."

Luckily, if a cheese-filled ranch dressing isn't something you're excited about, spring is bringing six new flavors of Hidden Valley Ranch to your grocery store aisles as well. The flavors include Garlic Ranch, Parmesan Ranch, Nashville Hot, Spicy Hot Honey, Creamy Jalapeno, and Green Goddess, with three spicy varieties exclusive to Walmart. While all this might seem out-of-the-box, ranch lovers know no bounds, and seeing as Hidden Valley launched a new dill pickle-flavored ranch, too, the creativity is unlikely to end any time soon.