Hidden Valley Launches A New Dill Pickle-Flavored Ranch

Pickle fans, rejoice! Ranch lovers, be merry! Hidden Valley Ranch, one of the best store-bought ranch dressings, welcomed spring 2023 with a new condiment — dill pickle-flavored ranch dressing (via Cision PRNewswire). This product will join other flavored ranch offerings from Hidden Valley that include Buffalo, Avocado, Cucumber, Bacon, and Southwest, among others.

According to C.C. Ciafone, the marketing director at Hidden Valley Ranch, pickles and ranch are a great match. "The tangy, dill-pickly flavor is the perfect complement to the creamy, savory flavor profile of Hidden Valley Ranch," said Ciafone. This flavor combination definitely makes sense. Ranch makes an awesome dip for fried pickles or a perfect condiment on a chicken sandwich with crisp pickle chips. Hidden Valley Ranch even has a whole section on its website dedicated to ranch pickle recipes. So, why not officially combine the two?

According to findings from market research firm IRI, dill pickle-flavored items are very appealing, especially to consumers under 40 (via The New York Times). This bright flavor can be seen in everything from expected products like chips, popcorn, and dips, to unexpected ones like almonds, pizza, and even dill pickle-flavored falafel from Trader Joe's.

Where can you buy Hidden Valley Ranch's pickle flavor?

Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch is available exclusively at Walmart as of March 30, 2023. That's because Walmart Associate Merchant Katelynne Hinckley, who focuses on condiments and dips, noticed the popularity of pickle-flavored foods and pitched the idea to Hidden Valley Ranch. In fact, the viral TikTok pickle ranch trend is what first inspired Hinckley.

Some ranch fans have already gotten their hands on a bottle. TikTok user @thepickledguy tasted it — in a shot glass no less — and seemed a little underwhelmed. In the video review, they said that it tasted like Hidden Valley's regular ranch dressing with notes of cucumber, adding, "They really kind of missed the mark on the pickle." In a comment, one TikTok user agreed it, "Needed like more vinegar (like pickle juice) for a zing and a lot more dill." At the time of writing, there were not many reviews online of the product available, so fans will have to make their way to Walmart and give Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch a try themselves.