Why Reddit Is Calling Christian Petroni's Edible NFT A 'Scam'

In 2022, chef Christian Petroni released what was marketed as an edible NFT (non-fungible token). However, one Redditor has since expressed their disappointment with the product.

For the uninitiated, Petroni's food NFT resulted from a partnership between the chef and Steve Raggiani of the New York-based food app 8it. Along with the expected NFT artwork, the Pizza Party edible NFT promised access to perks such as pop-up events, merch, airdrops of Petroni family recipes, and invitations to exclusive events such as dinners and cooking classes. Looking at it years on, has this promise been fulfilled?

According to Reddit user Wise____Koala, not really. They purchased two tokens and claimed to have received one meatball recipe since the scheme's inception. Addresses were requested for sending merch, but the items allegedly never arrived. They even went as far as to say that the deal, which cost $500 in total, "just feels like a scam."

The true fate of the Pizza Party NFT is somewhat elusive

While the Redditor's experience is unpleasant, it's difficult to verify. So far, no official statement has been issued by 8it or Petroni regarding the user's claims. Although Wise____Koala states that another token owner expressed disappointment with the NFT and received a refund from Petroni himself, no other first-hand accounts are currently available.

As is typical with public comments sections, folks were quick to speculate about why the venture may have taken a downward turn. One user linked Petroni's involvement to other celebrity-backed NFTs, stating it's "pretty common" to have a spokesperson and that the tendency to blame the face of the project was "pretty unfair." Others pointed out the general trend of NFTs, which saw a meteoric rise and rapid fall, and the likely impact of this on the Pizza Party token.

The user also stated that Petroni had directed those who have yet to receive their perks to message him on Instagram to be added to his close friends list and gain access to their extras. However, they alleged that they attempted to get in touch but had not received a reply. While the true state of the NFT remains a mystery, one commenter spoke for us all when they wrote, "Post the meatball recipe."