The Most Expensive Costco Purchases You Can Make

Costco is a dazzling warehouse store that seems to carry everything under the sun in enormous quantities, and for a bargain price. But if you've never bought a Costco membership before, there's a lot you still might not know about the store. For instance, were you aware that Costco doesn't just carry bargain-priced items? One of the products this store carries approaches the half-million dollar mark — not something you can say about your average supermarket. 

We already know that you can buy plenty of bizarre items you can buy at Costco, but the items we're talking about here top the prices of even those legendary wheels of Parmesan, tender cuts of marbled Wagyu beef, and doomsday prepper-style survival kits that the store is somewhat infamous for. 

This time, we're talking about diamond rings, luxury hot tubs, unique pool tables, and more — basically, the finer things in life. You can find them all at Costco, but this time, it'll cost you a pretty penny.

This wood burning pizza oven from Costco costs as much as a trip to Italy

Italian food is the most popular cuisine in the world (as of March 2019), and pizza is the favorite food of most Americans. But while you can't always splurge on a trip to Italy, you can spend the same amount of money on an outdoor wood burning pizza oven — $3,499.99, to be exact. It's quite the initial investment, but after a few pies, you can comfortably say you've saved yourselves the airfare a few times over. 

In a professional pizza restaurant, the ovens are usually cranked up to 700 to 800 degrees or even higher. But a traditional home oven usually only goes up to about 500 degrees. Unfortunately, without the high heat of a wood-burning oven, your crust can fall flat — literally — or dry out and burn while you're waiting for the toppings to cook. 

Pop your pizza into this wood burning oven, though, and it will be ready in a jiffy. That's because the oven uses convection heat, radiant heat, and conduction to cook your food. 

The Forno Venetzia Torino can be used for more than just pizza. Grilled meats, kebabs, roasted vegetables, and flatbreads can all be made. The oven comes with a tool set that includes a large and small pizza peel, a cleaning brush, a poker, and an ash shovel so you can keep your new purchase clean.

Costco's drink vending machine is expensive but convenient

Has anyone else noticed that refrigerators, with their various bumpy, ridged, or wired shelves, are really bad at keeping bottled drinks upright and in place? Yeah, us too. That's why, if we had the $4,199.99 lying around, we might just consider purchasing this sleek Selectivend Drink Vending Machine from Costco.

First of all, it's Energy Star compliant, so you don't have to worry so much about the extra electricity you'll be using instead of just keeping your drinks in the regular fridge. Secondly, there are spots for up to 10 different kinds of drinks in the machine, so you always have options. Imagine what a conversation piece it would be at your next party — your guests can simply choose their favorite mixer from the vending machine. It would also be a unique addition to a rec room, family room, or den. 

The machine is set up to free-vend (meaning if it's just sitting in your own house, you don't have to pay for your drinks every time you choose one), but can also be installed with a credit and debit card reader. 

Another plus is that the vending machine is ADA compliant, so those in wheelchairs can easily select their favorite beverage and remove it from the machine.

This personal sauna from Costco is an expensive self-care splurge

Saunas may not be all that common here in the States, but other countries are no stranger to the steamy relaxation they offer. Finland, one of the happiest countries in the world, has more than 3 million saunas for their population of 5.5 million  (as of June 2019), a ratio that could be the key to their national contentment. Now, thanks to Costco, you can try to capture that same contentment with the Dynamic Monaco 6-Person Sauna, and it will only set you back $4,999.99. 

The sauna is designed to be installed inside your home. It's made with Canadian Hemlock wood, can fit up to six people, and uses energy efficient Carbon Tech FAR infrared heating panels. 

There are control panels on both sides of the sauna for adjusting the temperature. There's also a radio, CD player with MP3 auxiliary connection, a DVD player with a 15-inch monitor, and four built-in speakers to surround you with sound while you relax on one of the reversible recliner benches. The sauna is gently lit, but there's also a reading light if you want to pick up a book. 

To assemble the sauna, you'll need three adults, and it's estimated that assembly will take 60 to 90 minutes. You might want to ask an electrician to come check out your house before installation, though — you need two separate 20 amp breakers for the thing to work, and if you know what that means, you probably are an electrician. 

This expensive grill from Costco lets you entertain outside

There's grilling, and then there's cooking with the $4,999.99 Urban Islands 5-burner Deluxe Faux Rock Island Grill. The 5-burner gas-powered grill is just as sleek as the stove you'd find in a chef's kitchen, and its surroundings are similarly impressive. The grill is placed in a faux-rock setting that's molded from real stones, and is topped by a porcelain tile countertop. 

But it's not just a grill. There's also a 4.5 cubic foot refrigerator where you can keep your ingredients and beverages cold, a side burner where you can heat up side dishes and basting sauces, a stainless steel sink for washing up, and a bottle opener, because grilling is always better with a cold beer in hand. 

The porcelain tile is made to withstand the elements. It has high resistance to water and chemical wear, it doesn't rot, rust, or absorb water, it has high impact resistance (good news for clumsy cooks), and can even withstand fading when left in the bright sun.

You can choose to have your grill powered by natural gas or propane, and there's a rotisserie attachment that can be purchased separately if you really want to go all out. With a set up like this, you could feed a whole party with just your outdoor kitchen, all the while keeping your drinks and dips cold in the attached mini fridge.

This high-tech bed is expensive, but might save your marriage

As many as 25 percent of couples sleep in separate beds, but there is a solution for those couples who just can't agree on mattress firmness or pillow positioning: the Thomasville Flex Aire Split King Air Mattress.

Two separate air mattresses with memory foam make up this king size bed. Each side's pressure can be customized on an expansive 1 to 100 scale, so each person in the bed can get exactly the amount of support they need for a good night's sleep. Having two separate mattresses also means that if one person is tossing and turning, the other person won't be able to feel it at all. There's a memory button, too, so you don't have to readjust your mattress every night. 

The mattress cover is also a little more high-tech than usual. It's made with "IntelliTemp Phase Change Temperature Regulating Technology," which basically just means that it's breathable, moisture wicking, and responds to your body temperature too cool off or heat up. 

The foundation of the mattress adds the extra level of customization. It's moveable, so you can be elevated if you're just in bed but not sleeping, and it also has timed massage functions for your head and feet. 

$6,599.99 may be pricey for a bed, but if you're going to shell out, you might as well get something this fancy.

Costco's massage chair isn't cheap, but might be worth it in the long run

Massage chairs are amazing, but usually it seems that they can only be found at weird mall kiosks, questionable nail salons, and various man caves of dubious hygiene. Do yourself a favor, and instead of relying on someone else's chair, pick one up from Costco

Sure, it'll cost you. The Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro Massage Chair costs $6,999.99. Then again, the average massage price in the U.S. is $60 an hour, so once you've sat in this bad boy for about 117 hours (while watching, say, almost all of Frasier), you'll already have gotten your money's worth. 

A few different things happen when you sit down in your chair. First of all, you're surrounded with the music, podcast, or audiobook of your choice, thanks to the hi-def bluetooth speakers up by the headrest. And you can use the touchscreen remote to choose the settings for your massage. 

Focus on your lower half with the leg-kneading function, or soothe your spine with the heated back roller (which gives an effect similar to a hot stone massage). There are also heel, calf, and foot rollers to massage and knead your muscles until they're supple as can be. 

Pool your money with friends to buy this expensive 7-person spa from Costco

Yes, Costco sells hot tubs — who knew? But not just any hot tubs. This is the Evolution Spas Oxford 121-jet, seven-person hot tub, and it'll set you back $8,999.99.

The spa comes in two high-gloss finishes, a dark gray and silver motif with carbon fiber corners, and a natural wood look with brown ashwood corners. The side panels are synthetic woodgrain, sleek-looking but waterproof. 

The spa is designed for seven people to sit comfortably. There's a lounger seat where you can stretch out, a double bench seat, and three "captain's chair" corner seats that are crowned with jets to massage your neck and shoulders as you relax. 

In fact, almost every part of your body will be massaged in this hot tub. There are 56 targeted back jets to ease your tension while you soak, 24 leg jets, 14 jets for the shoulders and neck, seven foot massager jets, 12 seat jets, and, yes, even eight jets specifically for your hips. 

If you're worried about water quality, no fear — there's an ultraviolet light water purification system to keep things clean every time you go for a dip. As the water flows through the jet mechanisms, it's purified through both UV light and an ozone oxygenation system.

This pricey pool table from Costco is a must for car lovers

The only thing cooler than owning a pool table is owning a pool table that's a replica of a classic 1965 Shelby Mustang. This pool table is more than just a replica. It's made with real rims and car tires, and even has working headlights and brake lights. 

This is also the only pool table that's certified by the Carroll Shelby Foundation as an officially licensed Collector's Edition table. It comes with a certificate of authenticity you can proudly display on the wall or keep with your records in case you someday decide to sell your $10,999.99 investment.

Each table has a sleek design, featuring a classic Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue color scheme with cherry wood details, chrome accents, and a blue worsted play top. 

Past the flashiness of the design, players will appreciate that the 4x8, full-size pool table is fully functional. It's a hefty 950 pounds so you don't have to worry about it shifting during your game, but you will probably want to take advantage of the included shipping, handling, and installation. 

You won't believe how much this Costco patio set costs

Some people like to live the rugged life outside, camping and hiking and getting down and dirty. For the rest of us, there's the Saratoga 22-piece Formal Estate Collection, an elegant outdoor furniture set that will make your patio look like a five-star resort. Being outside can be luxurious after all.

There's an 11-piece formal dining set that features eight elaborately-designed chairs with seat cushions and a 108-inch dining table that can sit 10 guests or more. The formal dining set also includes two rocking chairs that can swivel 360 degrees. 

The collection also includes a five-piece deep seating set with low-to-the-ground, plushly-cushioned chairs, a table, and ottoman, and a conversation set that comes with four of those same chairs, as well as a circular elevated fire pit to gather 'round with your loved ones. 

If you're worried about maintenance, don't be. The cushions are made from Sunbrella fabric, which is designed to stand up to strong sunlight, water, stains, and mildew. The metal elements are rust-free, so you don't have to worry about wear and tear even if you live somewhere damp. After all, if you're going to be paying $11,999.99 for patio furniture, you want it to last. 

This Costco playset is super expensive, but it'll keep the kids occupied for hours

Whether you're a high-roller who wants their kids to have the full playground experience right in their own backyard, or an enterprising home daycare owner with great liability insurance, you can indeed splurge on a jumbo Mountain Redwood Playset from Kids Creations at Costco.

Any kid would be happy to have this structure in their backyard. It comes with four slides (including a spiral tube slide), four different swinging stations that include different varieties of swing, a set of monkey bars, two rock walls for climbing, two sandbox play areas, a drawbridge, a picnic table, and six play deck areas where kids can use their imaginations. 

Of course, one of the worst parts about buying elaborate presents for your kids is having to put said presents together, but this is one flashy purchase that includes installation — and it should, for $12,999.99.

You'll need a big yard for this play structure. The play set itself measures 37'8" in length by 22'6" in width by 15' in height, and also requires a 6-foot safety perimeter so that if someone were to fall off a slide or a swing they won't end up ricocheting off the awning of your Solitude Studio Shed. If you've got the room, this set has a lot to offer. 

Become a master gardener with this fancy greenhouse from Costco

If you've always wanted to be able to grow luxurious tropical plants in your garden, or simply want to see if you can really eat fresh cherry tomatoes year-round, consider the Riga XL Professional Greenhouse found at Costco. It comes in two sizes, but the more expensive of the two is the 14' x 29'6" greenhouse, which is big enough to really set up a nice all-weather indoor garden — if you've got $13,999.99 laying around.

This greenhouse means business. It's made with triple-walled panels, which insulate your greenhouse from both heat and cold. It has windows that automatically open if the temperature inside creeps up, and the sides open wide so they're ADA accessible. 

To justify the price, the greenhouse also comes with an accessory kit so you can get set up. It includes greenhouse shelves, an exhaust fan, a heater, a vent, a solar-powered night light, hooks for hanging plants, and five heavy duty seed trays so you can start planting right away. 

One caveat (aside from the price)? Because of its size, you might need to get a permit before you set up the greenhouse on your property — check with local officials or your HOA before you set up. 

This diamond ring from Costco is jaw-droppingly expensive

Costco may have less merchandise on its shelves overall compared to most grocery stores (about 4,000 different products as compared to the average of 30,000), but they do sell a little bit of everything. And that extends to jewelry. 

There are a lot of pricey items in their jewelry section, from watches and necklaces, to earrings and bracelets. But nothing beats their most expensive item — a platinum ring that's set with a round solitaire diamond, what some say is a pretty decent Tiffany knock-off.

The $419,999.99 ring is fairly simple in style, but the diamond is where it shines — literally. The stone is a whopping 10.03 carats, and with superior quality — its ratings are Very Slightly Included (VS1) for clarity (with some imperfections that can be seen at 10x magnification), Near Colorless (I) for color (clear with a very slight yellow hint), and Excellent for diamond cut. The weight of this behemoth makes this stone about 10 times larger than those in a typical engagement ring, which average around 1 carat.

Though it may just seem like a publicity stunt to carry such a luxurious product, someone actually did buy a diamond ring at the warehouse store in the $400,000 range in 2019, perhaps proving that there is some truth to the Costco impulse buy phenomenon.