Arby's Calls Back To Beyoncé's Country Album With Chardonneigh's Horsey Sauce

Thanks to Beyoncé's album, "Cowboy Carter," everyone has been feeling the country spirit ahead of 2024's Kentucky Derby — including Arby's. The fast food restaurant's classic Horsey Sauce is a fan-favorite, and this year, it's getting a Beyoncé-themed makeover. According to information shared with Mashed, Arby's is set to release an opulent spin on its signature sauce on May 2 for a limited time only. Chardonneigh's Horsey Sauce will no doubt be a big draw for the folks still jamming to "Texas Hold 'Em," and as it turns out, the product is aptly titled. The namesake of the revamped sauce is the white horse posed on the cover of the "Cowboy Carter" album.

Unlike copycat Horsey Sauce recipes, this limited-edition release will be subtly infused with chardonnay flavor and served in a frosted glass wine bottle. It will also feature the silhouette of a horse in mid-gallop as a nod to Chardonneigh's pose on the album cover.

Since punny names are a signature part of the Derby, it's hard to imagine Chardonneigh's debut coming at a better time. Once released, the condiment will be available through Arby's website. For $16, you'll be able to try a sauce seemingly fit for a winning racehorse (or better yet, a horse who's friends with Beyoncé).

Why chardonnay-flavored Horsey Sauce makes sense

Original Horsey Sauce is a simple, zesty condiment that complements Arby's roast beef sandwiches well, and it's made with just as much horseradish as you'd expect. The additional chardonnay flavor of Chardonneigh's Horsey Sauce sounds questionable, considering the pungent nature of horseradish, but when you consider chardonnay's notes, the pairing isn't that strange.

Most chardonnays have undertones comparable to fruits like pineapple, mango, and apples. Some varieties even have hints of cinnamon or vanilla. The flavor will most likely blend with the horseradish to create a taste similar to other mildly-sweet-and-spicy combos, but the actual flavor could surprise us.

What's not surprising, however, is that Chardonneigh's Horsey Sauce isn't the first Arby's menu item to receive a twist in recent months. Back in January, Arby's launched a limited Cheddarthon event to highlight its cheddar sauce ahead of National Cheese Lovers Day. The company is no stranger to timely releases, and it's safe to say that starting this Thursday, on your next visit to Arby's, you'll be able to find a mix of Kentucky Derby fans and the Bey Hive paying homage to one of the most-talked-about horses of the year.