The Absolute Best Avocado Dishes In America

There are things you probably don't know about avocados but should. For example, you're likely aware by now it's a fruit, and being a fruit, it's definitely more versatile than we give it credit for. Thinking of avocado dishes in America, we think of open-face toasts hawked in trendy cafes on Los Angeles street corners. And while that's true (to an extent), it's a picture that doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the delectable potential that this creamy ingredient can unlock. 

Some recipes have been around for generations. Stuffing avocados has been a thing in Tex-Mex cooking since at least the early 1930s, while taquerias have been frying them up as taco fillings for a long time. But after the billionth avocado toast, maybe you're pining for the superfood in another way. We've got you. U.S. restaurants are ripe with inventive specialties that put the fruit front and center, and we've taken it upon ourselves to scope out the tastiest creations. 

To critics and foodies alike, it seems green goodness can come from unexpected sources, and we took their feedback in stride to highlight the must-try specialties. From sushi bars to smokehouses to bistros — you name it — these eateries make the absolute best avocado dishes. 

La Fiesta Restaurant & Cantina -- Waco, Texas

The Castillo family has operated numerous restaurants in the Lone Star State, and La Fiesta Restaurant & Cantina, established in 1963, remains a necessity for mouthwatering Tex-Mex. At this restaurant in Waco, locals congregate over massive plates of flautas, enchiladas, nachos, and chili con carne borne out of generations of family recipes. Typically, many of the meals incorporate avocados, and though it usually appears as a garnish or in dressings, the Stuffed Avocados make the green fruit the primary attraction. The menu even labels it among the house favorites, which is clearly earned when so many customers applaud the savory spectacle. 

From one Tripadvisor reviewer: "If you love avocados get this now!!" Spicy shredded chicken or brisket fills the core of the avocado, which is battered and fried to the delight of many visitors. It's finished off with melted cheese and a thicker tomatillo sauce known as suiza. The meaty center, the tender fruit, and the ratio of crunch to creaminess creates a thrilling blend of textures that undoubtedly explains why diner after diner makes pilgrimage for it. Yelp users regularly award it five stars, declaring the dish "a must try" and "on point." 

Matador Room -- Miami Beach, Florida

Avocados might sound strange as a pizza topping, but it only takes one restaurant to turn it into a trend. One of many establishments from French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is Matador Room, a classy cocktail lounge fusing Latin cuisines into harmonious tapas and mains. Given the cook's record of Michelin stars and honors from the James Beard Foundation, it's no wonder foodies view the Avocado Pizza as a "next level luxury" worth the pilgrimage. 

Beautiful and unconventional, this airy pie exemplifies the possibilities that plant-based cooking represents. The whole thing is stunningly bright — it'll make you look at avocado in a whole new way. Slivers of avocado flutter across a charred crust, followed by cilantro sprigs, jalapeño, and onion that lend the velvety flavors some sharper nuance. The contrasting textures seem to excite crowds the most, as one OpenTable review commented on the "delicious crunchy crust and fresh melt-in-your-mouth toppings." 

Matador Room's specialty isn't super hefty, so it's a good excuse for visitors to supplement the flatbread with other delicacies. Vinaigrette-soaked Maitake Mushrooms accented with goat cheese command consideration, while the Tres Leches Cake decadently wraps up the evening's feast. When in Miami Beach, taking the plunge is necessary. 

Grill-A-Burger -- Palm Desert, California

Boasting "the best burger under the bun" explains why Grill-A-Burger has topped the category in lists from Tripadvisor and The Desert Sun. However, the gigantic selection of comfort grub doesn't stop at the beef. Bottomless interpretations are available for hot dogs, salads, old-fashioned frozen desserts, and french fries. Being in Southern California and all, some dishes are ripe with avo-action, but one item takes the fleshy fruit to a new extreme.  

Over time, the California Avocado Fries have caught on with restaurant-goers — and for good reason. They're often touted for their tempura-esque perfection. Suffused with beer batter and generously coated in crisp panko, the avocado spears are paired with chipotle ranch sauce and a limey cilantro, and these two dips contribute a good dose of sharpness and spice to the creamy wedges. Plus, the fries were once featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" –  flip through the menu, and you'll even spot a cartoon version of host Guy Fieri blaring a soundbite about them. 

The local paper Coachella Valley Independent dedicated a whole column to the snack, describing it as a "revelation." Hundreds more have taken to the internet throughout the years to voice similar acclaim. On the avocado fries, one Tripadvisor diner couldn't get enough. "I still am craving them and have tried them at other places and these are the best!!!"

Edley's Bar-B-Que -- Multiple locations in Tennessee, Illinois

Enter Edley's Bar-B-Que for some of the finest meats smoking across Tennessee and, more recently, in Illinois. Slabs of brisket, burnt ends, chicken, and more are charbroiled to luscious tenderness, thanks to white oak wood and a lot of time. Making the pit stop to one of 10 locations (eight in Tennessee and two in Illinois) is a real treat, as the homey dining rooms invite opportunities for digging into a platter or sandwich. Don't even get us started on the side dishes!

The slam-dunk dish that a number of positive reviews repeatedly cite is definitely the BBQ Avocado Plate. A hit among vegetarians (with proper adjustments) as well as carnivores, this salad is a spectacular find, those chowing through the barbecue belt say. "Even for a vegetarian like me, there's options!" raved a Yelp reviewer, who elaborated on the smokehouse's prime offerings. "I love the avocado salad + corn bread so much!"

Think of the entrée as a baked potato, except the spud is replaced with a ripe piece of avocado. From there, watch the green fruit get filled to capacity with Southwestern goodness, namely, refreshing veggies, bean salad, bacon, loads of sticky barbecue sauce, and some smoked meats. Listen to this Yelp customer who opted for brisket: "Wheeeeewww honey! It was delicious!!!! We [even] went back again the same week to get it again."

Toast Society Cafe -- Two Nevada locations

Conceived five years ago by sisters Madeline and Rachael DeVaux and Alissa Veretennikov, Toast Society Cafe is great for light bites near Sin City. The two storefronts in Fort Apache and Henderson, Nevada, crank out caffeinated beverages along with smoothies and teas, yet anyone can guess what the health bistro's true passion is from the name. Toasts with sweet toppings like pear, peanut butter, and sliced banana are available, but easily the top pick for numerous visitors is the avocado toast, which one Yelp reviewer raved was "honestly the BEST avocado toast I've ever eaten, hands down." Another Yelp patron said, "The olive oil/salt flavors, the bread!!!!, the avocado ... everything was perfect." 

Las Vegas Review-Journal's Best Of Las Vegas declared the cafe's avocado toast a "Gold Winner" in 2023. This is not surprising, given that the freshness of the ingredients elevates the experience. Diners can't go wrong with any of the varieties, but if we had to choose one for tourists to stop for, the House Favorite is the best bet. This is the cafe's top-selling toast, and it opts for a Mediterranean theme that's foolproof. A thick layer of avocado mash is spread onto whole grain bread, with tomatoes, feta cheese, and leafy microgreens. It's finished off with sea salt, sesame seeds, and a drizzle of imported Greek olive oil. Yum!

Adela's Country Eatery -- Kaneohe, Hawaii

Weaving various produce into gorgeous pastas by collaborating with local farms, Adela's Country Eatery combats food waste and spins some fabulous noodles in the process. At its takeout counter in a strip mall on the island of Oahu, you'll witness employees crafting rainbow-esque strands for bowls and stir-fries. Hawaii Public Radio reports they're made from scratch each day with Japanese equipment. And with a handmade approach of this magnitude, the owners tell diners to expect an hour's wait at the very least for their order. But it's worth it. Customers constantly wax poetic about the avocado noodles, and it's safe to say without their buzz, the takeout spot wouldn't have cracked the top 10 in Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. — twice. Pastas are also rendered out of ube, sweet potato, and taro. 

Adela's avocado noodles are an electrifying green hue, and the taste, described in feedback as delectably firm, matches how impressive they look on camera. Cooking them firmly helps the sauces cling, while the pleasant aroma tends to complement most of the meats and vegetables diners order on repeat. "The avocado noodles are honestly spectacular on their own," a customer posted on Yelp, joined by scores more who rave about tossing them with pork belly and even a silky garlic butter sauce.

Uchiba -- Austin and Dallas, Texas

Uchi is one of the ultimate restaurants to experience Japanese cuisine in Dallas. Recently, though, the restaurant's parent company renovated the floor above into a hip enclave called uchiba for informal spins on sushi rolls and maki. During Uchiba's award-winning happy hour — it was Dallas Observer's reigning pick for 2023 — patrons can soak in the best of "izakaya" dining (translates to "stay-drink-place") with some miniature morsels that gourmands and bar-crawlers can easily appreciate. A second location is in downtown Austin.

If you know nigiri, you're aware that it's usually a rice roll draped in raw seafood. Uchiba's lineup offers an Avocado Nigiri that's beyond splendid, delicately wrapped in seaweed and spiked with a fermented funk thanks to yuzu kosho. The delicious sauce you never thought to add to ramen is spicy and peppery, which means taste-testers encounter a stunning potency in just one bite. On Tripadvisor, one patron called the dish "petite and beautifully presented, but so full of flavor." Though it isn't listed on the menu, a hint of lime zest was cited by a separate commenter who awarded the item, among plenty of others, a full five stars. Relish it with your own pick of buns and dumplings, especially when they're marked down at happy hour. 

Berdena's -- Scottsdale, Arizona

Green mash on bread might tire out some readers these days, but places like Berdena's are showing that the Millennial pick-me-up hasn't lost its spark. If anything, it's capable of taking home the crown. The Phoenix New-Times honored the avocado toast here as a standout in 2017. Think of how many delicious avocado toasts are out there in Arizona, let alone the U.S. of A. What this one did to land on the local radar had to be fairly special.  "I actually thought, 'WOW, they really are worthy of an avocado toast award,' " remarked a glowing Yelp review, mirroring others calling it the best avocado toast in the region.

To make the spread, the Scottsdale coffee bar opts for seasonings that are understated, yet piquant enough to pop off the tongue. Rustic sourdough provides a hearty foundation for the buttery goodness, which diners crave with the red pepper flakes, sea salt, and refreshing lemon zest sprinkled for garnish. There's also an option to order it with extra toppings. Go light with the default, or add eggs for a filling breakfast on-the-go. Just pair it with one of Berdena's many beverages — guests rally around the lattes and matcha — and bam, your morning's off to a beautiful start. 

Napoleon House -- New Orleans, Louisiana

An avocado bursting with Creole shrimp? Iconic Cajun foods you have to try before you die should include this unique dish from Napoleon House that packs tongue-tingling seafood inside the fruit whole. It makes the buttery fruit shine as a salad, and it's excellent for whetting the appetite or digging in as a whole dinner. Posting about their experience with the Shrimp Remoulade Stuffed Avocado, a Yelp reviewer complimented the appealing fusion of flavors, saying, "This screamed California cuisine but in a very NOLA style." A Tripadvisor reviewer seconded the praise, lauding it as "the best dish of the night." 

Once a hideaway for the French conqueror, the historic building was copped by restaurateur Ralph Brennan in 2015. He successfully transformed the architectural site into a full-time dining establishment, and the atmosphere is enough to sweep you off your feet. That is, until you try the food. Big Easy bites such as muffulettas, seafood gumbo, and po-boys bursting with fried catfish and alligator sausage draw folks from all corners. Ambling through the French Quarter justifies stopping by for these classics — that's certainly not up for debate. From the vantage point of creative concoctions, however, the stuffed avocado demands a taste at least once. 

Snooze, An A.M. Eatery -- Multiple locations

No need asking what's for breakfast when hitting up Snooze, An A.M. Eatery. A kitschy, throwback vibe saturates the breezy franchise known for brunch combinations old and new. Chilaquiles, Spuds Deluxe, and seasonal surprises (currently Bread Pudding French Toast, but it's always changing) join the rotation of griddlecakes and bacon. Eggs Benedict appears to be a big hit at the more than 70 kitchens across the country, and that's because the selection is seriously difficult to compete with. 

Eggs Benedict at chain restaurants can dramatically differ in quality, but Snooze aims high by sourcing excellent ingredients, using fresh produce and sustainably sourced eggs. It makes sense, then, how many patrons order the Smashed Avocado Benny and walk away with nothing but a hankering for more. It gives boring old Benedicts a run for their money, judging by the numerous raves that roll in out of kitchens from Atlanta to Fort Collins, Colorado.

On account of sliced tomato, a rich, cheddar-y Hollandaise sauce, and the bounciest poached eggs coated in everything bagel seasoning, customers can't stop raving about it. "It was amazing! The best Eggs Benedict I've ever had," a pleased Yelp diner remarked, while more praise from another customer on Yelp trickled in describing the delectable recipe as "to die for" and "a party in your mouth!" 

Cork Wine Bar & Market -- Washington, D.C.

In Washington, D.C., 14th Street NW is sort of an unsung gem for dining in general. On foot, you're not too far from acclaimed culinary sites like Ben's Chili Bowl or Ted's Bulletin, but trendier stops keep the neighborhood from straying too far out of the present day. Bon Appetit and Food & Wine, among others, have celebrated Cork Wine Bar & Market for its elegant array of charcuterie and, of course, stunning wine varietals. Should any connoisseur need prompting to sip its wares, the retailer have even snagged several coveted RAMMY medals from the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington.

According to one Yelp commenter, "the rock star dish here is the avocado toast," and it's a sentiment seconded by avocado fans all over the nation's capital. Whereas some of the ostentatious fare skews hit-or-miss among certain foodies, the open-faced treat rarely disappoints. Sink your teeth into a crusty loaf, heaped with creamed green mash and inflected with a nice nuttiness due to pistachios — and a rich pistachio oil — sprinkled to serve with a dusting of sea salt. 

Wooden flooring and brick walls lend a romantic edge at night, but the rusticity is appropriate for daytime dining, too (don't miss out on the porch during summer). In other words, it's a fine place for avocado goodness. 

Lolo -- San Francisco, California

Critics go cuckoo over the stellar Mexican fare from Lolo. The Bay Area mainstay, launched by Jorge Martinez with partner Lorena Zertuche, focuses on the flavors of Jalisco to color its nachos, tostadas, and savory empanadas. An assessment from The Infatuation website hyped the grilled octopus and the ceviche in particular, but the Fried Avocado Taco earns approval seemingly on par with the highlights. One Yelp foodie went so far as to say the breaded approach was tastier than they could ever imagine, writing, "I think panko-fried avocado may be my new favorite way to eat avocado!"

Dunking the soft fruit in oil might alarm more hesitant eaters, but positive write-ups confirm repeatedly that the dish is a must-try. The golden fritters are imbued with a solid crunch, and in terms of toppings, there's something for everyone on that front. The Oaxaca cheese is mild, the grilled peppers and onions lend a caramel-y touch, and the habanero aioli launches a hit of heat and tang to boot. Even the flour tortilla (which the kitchen opts for preparing from scratch) contributes a soft cushioning to cradle the fillings well. With a mixed mezcal beverage in hand, it's a stunning avocado-y treat that San Francisco is lucky to have. 

How we chose our avocado dishes

Our criteria behind picking the absolute best avocado dishes in America was heavily reliant on outside feedback. But first, we had to decide which items were deserving of a spot. This could be tricky, since the immense popularity of the fruit has spawned dozens of different culinary wonders to consider. We took inventiveness into account, aiming for a diverse selection of specialties, while focusing on the contenders that scooped up high praise on a regular basis. 

While review platforms like OpenTable and Yelp composed the majority of customer opinions we found, we didn't hesitate to take up bigger voices in the restaurant industry. As such, this explains why enthusiasts over at Tripadvisor mingle with professional critics, culinary publications, and local reports for providing background context. Blended together, these resources should make a case for why foodies should travel the distance.