The Delicious Sauce You Never Thought To Add To Ramen

While we may be uncertain about many things in life, we dare say that ramen never disappoints. After all, chowing down on this convenient, noodle dish with enthusiastic slurping satisfies our taste buds. While one may argue that store-bought ramen doesn't always deliver, we believe that homemade ramen with a flavorful broth, fresh veggies, a soft-cooked egg, and succulent chicken or beef is the real deal.

Although ramen masters spend years learning and honing their craft, it doesn't mean you can't make super comforting homemade ramen that's brimming with flavor. Hear us out: You can make restaurant-worthy ramen by using an easy-to-follow ramen recipe as a base and getting creative with your ingredients. And if you don't have enough time to cook ramen or you find the process intimidating, you can always try an easy 30-minute chicken ramen recipe.

There are many mistakes everyone makes when cooking ramen at home, but the two common things that can ruin ramen are over-seasoning or under-seasoning. Seasoning ramen can be tricky because each spice has a different potency. Therefore, you need seasoning that will bring an authentic and balanced flavor to your ramen. The good news is that one special condiment can elevate the flavor and bestow depth to your ramen.

Breathe life into ramen with yuzu kosho

Yuzu kosho is an incredibly versatile Japanese seasoning that perfectly matches an array of dishes including broth, soup, fish, seared or grilled meat, steak, rice, Japanese hot pot, and more. The all-purpose chili paste has a citrus taste and floral yuzu notes, adding depth of flavor to your dish without overpowering it. That's the reason why Chef's Wonderland recommends the condiment on "any kind of dishes."

This fermented blend of chili, citrus zest, garlic, and salt brings a flavorsome profile to your ramen. The citrusy taste of yuzu fruit creates an amazing contrast to the chili flavor, delivering an added kick. The best part is that you only need to add a teaspoon-sized dollop of this umami-rich paste during the final stages of preparing your dish. Trust us, it may be tempting to add more. But it's best to control that urge because this slightly bitter relish packs serious heat. 

If you want to add this tasty condiment to your ramen, you can buy a pre-made sauce or try a homemade yuzu kosho recipe. Homemade yuzu kosho will last in the refrigerator for about two months in an airtight container (via Just One Cookbook).