The Best Fast Food Dupe Walmart Has To Offer Is A Saucy Favorite

There's something about restaurant food that makes it taste better than grocery store counterparts, but that hasn't stopped Walmart from attempting to re-create fast food favorites. Perusing the retailer's aisles, you'll see several copycats under its Great Value brand, from beloved breakfast dishes and sides to the main entrees. However, in Mashed's ranking of 11 Walmart fast food dupes, its version of Chick-fil-A's eponymous sauce took the top spot.

There's no question about what Wally World was trying to emulate when it marketed Chicken Dipping Sauce. This copycat has a familiar yellow hue, and the chain slapped a photo on the bottle displaying chicken nuggets and waffle fries that look suspiciously like those served at Chick-fil-A.

However, what ultimately earned it the top spot was how familiar this fast food knockoff tasted to the real thing. Many Walmart shoppers seem to agree. One reviewer on the grocer's website called the item Chick-fil-A sauce's "identical twin from Great Value." They also wrote, "I honestly couldn't believe anyone could recreate this, but they did. It is not similar, it's exactly like it."

Walmart's Chicken Dipping Sauce really is a great value

For many years, Chick-fil-A sauce could only be obtained in tiny packages at its restaurants. In 2020, however, the chain answered the hopes and dreams of many of its fans when it began selling bottles of its eponymous sauce at grocery stores including Walmart. That being said, you may be wondering why anybody would opt for a copycat of the dipping sauce when the real thing is available right next to it on the shelf. We can't speak for everyone, but cost could be a major factor in this head-to-head.

While prices can vary by location, a 16-ounce squeeze bottle of Chick-fil-A sauce at Walmart runs for about $3.98, and the larger 24-ounce bottle goes for roughly $5.48. On the other hand, Walmart's knockoff Chicken Dipping Sauce rings true to the Great Value brand name in that it really is a great value at approximately $2.28 for a 12-ounce bottle, meaning you could purchase two bottles, or 24 ounces, for nearly a dollar less than a single 24-ounce bottle of Chick-fil-A sauce.

Therefore, this Walmart dupe will save you both money and time, since you won't have to sit in one of the chicken chain's notoriously long drive-thru lines to pick up the beloved condiment. We bet even the Chick-fil-A Sauce Girl (remember her?) couldn't argue with that.