Has Pumpkin Spice Spam Taken The Fall Food Trend Too Far?

Pumpkin spice season is almost upon us, but this year it's not the Starbucks PSLs that we're most intrigued by. Instead, this year we're preparing ourselves for something a little more savory: Pumpkin spice Spam, which will be available for a limited time starting September 23 (via The Daily Meal). Breakfast is about to get a whole lot more interesting this fall. 

In 2017, Spam joked on Twitter that they'd be releasing pumpkin spice Spam, posting a mock-up of the product and telling their followers to "hit 'like' if you'd want it!" Only 38 people liked the Tweet, but the brand apparently decided that jumping on the pumpkin spice bandwagon — or killing it dead, as some have suggested (via New York Post) — was still their destiny, regardless of how many people actually want pumpkin spice Spam in their lives. 

A spokesperson for Spam has confirmed that this year, news of the pumpkin spice canned meat is anything but a hoax. "Spam pumpkin spice combines deliciousness with creativity, allowing the latest variety to be incorporated into a number of dishes, from on-trend brunch recipes to an easy, pick me-up snack," a company rep told Hawaii News Now.

Pumpkin spice Spam will be available to purchase online only starting September 23 (which happens to be the first day of fall) on both Walmart.com and SPAM.com, but some (lucky?) people have already gotten the chance to taste it. 

According to staffers at The Daily Meal who got to taste-test the product, pumpkin spice Spam isn't as terrible as one might fear. In fact, it's kind of good, combining that signature "salty, porky Spam flavor" with cinnamon, clove, allspice, and nutmeg, making for something that apparently tastes like breakfast sausage, and "would go great with some eggs and waffles." We can sort of see how the slightly sweet, spiced breakfast meat could taste something like a maple breakfast sausage, even if we are still a little scared to try it ourselves. 

Pumpkin spice Spam will be available for a limited time only, and who knows? Maybe it will kick off a new era of pumpkin spice meat and become a staple, or maybe it will kill the whole pumpkin spice fad for good. We'll have to wait and see.