Here's How Much Joe Bastianich From MasterChef Is Really Worth

Joe Bastianich was pretty much destined for a culinary career, though his beginnings weren't so glamorous — Bastianich spent his younger days washing dishes and sweeping the sidewalks of his parents' restaurant in Queens. Those years of hard work in the trenches of restaurant life may have prepared the MasterChef star for celebrity stardom, though. As a successful TV personality, best-selling author, and one of America's most eminent restaurateurs, Bastianich has built quite a fortune for himself.

Long before Bastianich ever graced national television, he was already building his fortune. In 1997, Bastianich Winery was born. Located in Italian wine country, as of 2014 the winery was producing more than 250,000 bottles of wine per year (via Eater). More than a decade later, Bastianich would begin his journey on MasterChef and its spinoffs.

Bastianich first joined MasterChef in its original season (via Eater). He hung around for four more seasons after that before temporarily stepping away. During his hiatus, Bastianich starred in the CNBC show Restaurant Startup. A TV series that CNBC says Bastianich, aside fellow restaurateur Tim Love, worked together to discover the next best concept of culinary superstardom. The show lasted three seasons before going off air and shortly after that Bastianich once again returned to MasterChef in 2017. Bastianich also took part in spinoffs MasterChef Junior and MasterChef Italia, but TV isn't the only place he is cashing in.

Variety reported in 2017 that Bastianich co-owns 30 restaurants internationally, including the Michelin Star eatery Del Posto, Babbo, Osteria Mozza, and Eataly in the United States. Bastianich may keep it low-key when it comes to his personal personal relationships, but as far as business goes, he has been in the middle of some serious controversy with former restaurant partner Mario Batali. In March 2019, Batali, who was in partnership with Bastianich for more than 20 years on projects that included Eataly, relinquished his shares to Bastianich and Bastianich's sister Tanya (via New York Times). This acquisition, along with all of Bastianich's other ventures, has earned him a net worth of $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Bastianich's television and restaurant success has paved the way for other passions of the New York-born celebrity, including a best-selling memoir and other food and wine related publications. According to Bastianich's website, he is also planning to release an album of songs he has personally written over the years. Who knows, this could be another avenue for the restaurateur to add even more value to his millionaire status.