The One Ingredient That's Been Missing From Your S'mores

S'mores are more than just a dessert, they're practically synonymous with summertime camping trips and beach bonfires. All you need are graham crackers (although you might be a little dubious about these after reading this bizarre origin story), marshmallows, chocolate bars, a fire, and sticks. If you're dirt-averse and/or a pyrophobe, however, you can always skip the last two ingredients and cook your s'mores the quick and easy way — indoors, in the microwave. This latter method also has the benefit of not being so season-dependent, since really, who's to stop you from nuking up a plate of s'mores in mid-winter if you so choose? 

The missing s'mores ingredient that adds that special something

There is, however, one ingredient that's missing from your s'mores that, when added, will really lift them to a higher level no matter how (or when) you prefer to cook them. This recipe from Radius simply swaps out the traditional chocolate candy bar for a peanut butter cup and voilà! — you have a whole new flavor profile, as peanut butter adds a little salty to all that sweetness. It's absolutely delicious, slightly nutritious (or so we'd like to think — peanut butter is practically health food, no?), and it really couldn't be any simpler, could it? Unless you like to complicate things just a bit, or don't want to waste the plain milk chocolate bar you already bought — in which case you could also just spread a spoonful of peanut butter on one side of a graham cracker and place it, peanut butter side down, on the warm marshmallow when assembling your s'more.

Substitute s'more ingredients for those allergic to peanut butter

While the peanut might have been known as a friend to all mankind since the days of George Washington Carver (although he did not, in fact, invent peanut butter itself), sadly, this not-so-innocent legume is more of an enemy to many — and in some cases, a dangerous, even homicidal one at that. Should you or one of your crew have a peanut allergy, though, this doesn't mean you can't still try this s'mores ingredient tweak. Instead of a peanut butter cup, you can substitute a candy cup made with an alternative nut or seed butter such as these sunflower seed butter cups from Trader Joe's.

Quick, try this s'mores hack before summertime sneaks away!