Who Is Alton Brown Married To Now?

Alton Brown was the host of the hit Food Network show Good Eats until 2012, taking a seven-year hiatus until the show returned, revamped, in 2019. But longtime fans may have noticed another big change that happened in the star's life during his Good Eats absence, and may be wondering who Brown is married to now. 

It turns out that Brown and his first wife DeAnna divorced in 2015, after 21 years of marriage. A year later he met Elizabeth Ingram, whom he married in October of 2018 (via Architectural Digest). The divorce may have come as a surprise to those familiar with Brown's former ties to the conservative Southern Baptist Church, which is against divorce and won't perform marriages where one or both parties have been divorced previously (via Southern Baptist Convention). So what happened, and who is Alton Brown's new wife, Elizabeth Ingram?

Why did Alton Brown get divorced?

21 years is a long time to be married to someone, and Brown pointed out that over the years, he and his ex-wife "really went separate ways in our lives" (via People). 

It seems like religion may have had something to do with the split. The two were part of the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, but Brown left shortly after his divorce, which the church had been against. 

"We changed, the world changed, and she went one way and I went the other way," he said, noting that he thinks they're both better off now than they were stuck in an unhappy marriage. 

"My social beliefs are far more liberal than what falls under most of the structures of organized religion, and I find that difficult to work with," Brown said. 

Who is Elizabeth Ingram, and how did the couple meet?

In 2016, the newly divorced Brown met Elizabeth Ingram at a book signing (via People). 

Brown had just purchased and was in the process of renovating his three-bedroom apartment cum office in Marietta, Georgia, and Ingram, a restaurant, bar, and residential designer (via Elizabeth Ingram Studio), started to help him out with the renovation. The two bonded, sharing design inspiration on Pinterest and getting to know each other over text and in person. 

The renovation took seven months, and soon, the couple fell in love. "I'm not going to lie — and I can't put my finger on when it was — I started looking forward to seeing her more than the space," Brown admitted.

They got engaged a year after their renovation was complete, were married on a boat in Charleston, South Carolina in 2018, and now live together with their two dogs, presumably noshing on plenty of good eats.