Here's When The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Is Coming Back

When Popeyes first introduced their fried chicken sandwich, it was an immediate hit — so much so that they ran out within 15 days of its introduction. If you've been wondering when the Popeyes chicken sandwich is coming back, you're in luck, because the brand is finally hinting at its return — and you won't have to bring your own bun in order to get one, like the chain joked after it first ran out. 

Their fast food competitors, who were quick to start social media beef with the chicken chain once it became apparent how much people loved the sandwich, must be quaking in their boots, because rumor has it that the Popeyes chicken sandwich is returning to stores very soon (via Food and Wine). 

So when can you buy a Popeyes chicken sandwich again?

In order to find out when the chicken sandwich would be returning, reporter Kat Thompson at Thrillist, unable to get a straight answer from Popeyes corporate headquarters, started calling stores individually. 

A store in Brooklyn told her that the sandwich would hopefully be returning next week, while one in Southern California said it would be back in stores on Wednesday — as in October 23rd. Yet another store in Houston said the Popeyes chicken sandwich would return in November, and one in Chicago said it would be in a couple of weeks. 

One of the people she talked to said that they were still "waiting for the green light from corporate" before announcing or serving the chicken sandwich, but every store she talked to implied that it would be returning soon. 

The chain has also shared ads saying the sandwich's return was imminent, encouraging people to download the Popeyes app to be alerted when it's available again. 

The Popeyes chicken sandwich may have been gone for more than 50 days, but it seems like there's finally a light at the end of the crispy fried chicken tunnel. If you've been craving one of these bad boys, or never got a chance to try it on the original run, perk up — the return is almost upon us.