Popeyes Tells Customers To BYOB If They Want A Chicken Sandwich

The nationwide Popeyes Chicken Sandwich mania takes an unexpected turn with a brand new way to get one of their coveted sandwiches, even though the franchise has actually been sold out since August 27 (via Eater). Don't get too excited, though. You can't exactly go up to the counter or cruise through the drive-thru and order one, but you can still get a chicken sandwich with a little ingenuity. Basically, the restaurant says you have to bring your own bun (BYOB) and put it together yourself. Okay?

A short video the company posted on Twitter tells you exactly how to make your own sandwich. They instruct you to order a 3-piece box of chicken tenders, shove them into the bun you actually brought into the restaurant, and voila, you have a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich — kind of, anyway. The "customers" in the video don't look super pleased about the prospect, but it's possibly an adequate stopgap while the company feverishly tries to restock the product at its stores. 

Popeyes' new chicken sandwiched launched in mid-August to much fanfare, so the dwindling supply and eventual temporary removal from the menu has been met with much disappointment — though Chick-fil-A probably wasn't super sad about it. 

What's the real reason Popeye's ran out of chicken sandwiches, anyway? As it turns out, consumer demand way outpaced the company's expectations and they sold through their entire backstock of sandwich supplies — which was meant to last through the end of September — in just two short weeks. 

In the meantime, you can mosey up to your local Popeyes, BYOB, and make your own dang sandwich. Of course, it won't include any mayo or pickles, so it's just three of their delicious chicken tenders sitting on your sad little bun, but maybe it's better than nothing while you wait to get your hands on the real deal. Maybe?

One thing's for sure — Popeyes sure knows how to get people talking about them.