Does Five Guys Have A Veggie Burger?

When we think of Five Guys, we usually think of juicy beef burgers covered in melted cheese, and those totally delicious bacon cheese dogs. But now that fast food restaurants like Del Taco and Burger King are adding faux-meats to their menus, it made us wonder — does Five Guys have a veggie burger on its menu? 

Their standard menu is loaded with options like bacon cheeseburgers and kosher-style hot dogs, but if you're vegetarian, you may be wondering if there's anything on the menu you can actually enjoy. Well, the answer is yes, but the veggie options at Five Guys might surprise you. 

Can you order a veggie burger at Five Guys?

If you're a vegetarian looking for a veggie burger at Five Guys, you'll need to rethink your order. They don't have actually burger-shaped veggie patties on the menu. But that doesn't mean you have to go hungry. 

Instead, you can order one of Five Guys' veggie sandwiches. 

The cheese veggie sandwich is vegetarian, and features grilled onions, mushrooms, and peppers on a toasted bun, topped with melted American cheese, lettuce, and tomato, and any of the chain's signature 15 toppings (via Five Guys). 

The cheeseless veggie sandwich features the same veggies and your choice of toppings (minus the cheese, of course), and is one of the lighter items on the menu, clocking in at 420 calories (though it's still got a hefty 1350 mg of sodium). It's not vegan, though — the chain's buns contain eggs and dairy (via That Nerdy Science Girl). 

If you want something really simple, you can get a grilled cheese. It's just a slice of Kraft American cheese (and the toppings of your choice) melted between a griddled inside-out Five Guys bun, but it hits the spot. 

The chain also serves up vegan french fries (via Veganuary) and peanuts for snacking, and vegetarians who eat dairy can enjoy one of the chain's milkshakes. It's no veggie burger, but at least you'll have something to eat.