Krispy Kreme Approves Of College Student's Black-Market Donut Biz After All

Krispy Kreme makes a mean donut, but the chain's sweet breakfast pastries aren't available everywhere. One college student tried to solve this problem by driving all the way to Iowa from Minnesota to pick up donuts at a Krispy Kreme location and then driving them back to resell. Initially, Krispy Kreme wanted to shut his side business down, but it turns out the chain supports his black-market donut biz after all (via Bring Me the News). 

It all started when Jayson Gonzalez launched his Facebook page Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota. He used the page to get customers for his delivery operation, and things were going well — until Krispy Kreme put a kibosh on the operation. 

Krispy Kreme initially shut down the black-market donut run

Gonzalez was driving about 540 miles round-trip between Iowa and Minnesota, picking up more than 100 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and reselling them for $17 to $20 a box, which is twice the going rate in stores (via Today). 

And even though there aren't any Krispy Kreme stores in Minnesota, when Krispy Kreme found out what he was doing, they tried to put a stop to it.

Gonzalez announced on his Facebook page that he had been in touch with Krispy Kreme, saying that they told him to shut down his service. 

"It is kind of upsetting that I had to stop but it is what it is," Gonzalez said at the time. Little did he know his luck was about to turn back around. 

Why Krispy Kreme changed its mind

Gonzalez got a phone call from someone at Krispy Kreme headquarters, and suddenly everything changed. 

Instead of telling him he needed to close up shop permanently, they told him that they wanted to make him an official, authorized third party seller of Krispy Kreme. They initially asked Gonzalez to stop his sales because they wanted to make sure he wasn't doing any damage to Krispy Kreme's reputation by serving sub-par donuts after they'd traveled so far. 

Krispy Kreme now says that they will support Gonzalez's delivery business, even donating 500 dozen donuts to him when he re-launches his business, something he hopes to do after raising enough money via a GoFundme to get a new, bigger vehicle that can accomodate more donuts. 

The people of Minnesota must be breathing a collective sigh of relief, knowing that their Krispy Kreme supply won't be permanently cut off any time soon.