This Is What Blake Lively Really Thinks Of Kraft Mac And Cheese

When we think about models and actresses like Blake Lively, the first thing we think of in terms of their diets is probably whether they follow something restrictive like a low-carb lifestyle, or wonder how many fruits and veggies they eat every day to get that glowing skin and the energy to deal with the paparazzi's constant hounding. So we were more than a little surprised when we heard that Blake Lively had an opinion about Kraft Mac and Cheese either way... if anything, we would have expected her to talk about Annie's, the slightly bougie version of mac and cheese. 

Luckily, the actress is pretty active on Instagram, which means we get insights to aspects of her life we never thought we'd see. That includes, it turns out, her opinion on that most classic childhood meal: macaroni and cheese from a box. The stars, they're just like us! But does she actually like it?

Blake Lively loves Kraft Mac and Cheese

It turns out that Blake Lively doesn't like Kraft Mac and Cheese... she loves it (via Instagram).

Not only does she use a heart emoji in her Instagram post about the delightful orange treat, but she also says that "whoever invented Kraft Mac & Cheese should get a Michelin star." 

Now, anyone who has eaten Kraft Mac and Cheese, even those who like it, may wonder how she got it to taste like something Michelin-worthy, and it turns out she hacked the recipe on the back of the box. 

Lively ran out of milk, so instead, she substituted in a splash of heavy cream, and 4 to 6 tablespoons of sour cream. That surely made a difference in the mac and cheese's taste and texture, adding body and creaminess, as well as a subtle tang from the sour cream. 

Her social media ode to Kraft Mac and Cheese is even more surprising given that her Instagram feed is almost entirely fashion-focused red carpet style photos. When she does post food, it's usually something sweet, like Christmas cookies, macarons, and cupcakes. 

Lively's love of the iconic blue box must be strong indeed if she's willing to break up the look of the perfect grid in order to espouse her love for the carby, cheesy, classic pasta. Honestly, that's a lot more relatable than most of her posts.