The Truth About Wendy's Frosty Key Tag

How much do you love Wendy's Frosty? That cheery red cup full to the brim with creamy deliciousness... Ok, so we'll admit that it's not exactly the most nutritious thing on the menu, but we all need a sweet treat now and then.

You know what would be the one thing that would make the Frosty absolutely perfect, apart from having negative calories, that is? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could get one for free? Well, how about not just one Frosty, but a whole year of them? For free?!? What do you have to do, win a contest or something? No, not at all. Would you believe, all you have to do is spend $2 on a key tag? And your $2 even goes to support a good cause — what could be sweeter than that?

How the Wendy's Frosty Key Tag works

If you ask for a Frosty Key Tag at your local Wendy's, your $2 will buy you a cute little plastic tag shaped like a Frosty and adorned with Wendy's smiling face. Almost worth the $2 alone, but wait — show this key tag any time you make a purchase at Wendy's, and it entitles you to a Junior Frosty for free. 

What's more, this deal is good through the end of 2020 — and yes, it can be used multiple times. If you go to Wendy's every single day, and buy anything off the menu, you could get 365 free Frostys. While prices in your area may vary, Fast Food Menu Prices says the smallest Frosty sells for 99 cents, so that key tag could potentially be a pretty valuable perk.

And that's not all! A full 85 percent of the proceeds from key tag sales go towards supporting the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which helps kids in foster care find their forever homes. Dave himself was adopted, so this cause was near and dear to his heart.

The only downside to Wendy's Frosty Key Tag

Sadly, you've already missed the opportunity to buy these key tags for everybody on your Christmas list, which would have been the best $2 present since that scratch-off lottery ticket that paid out big... oh wait, that never happened. But you can still hit the Frosty jackpot with a Wendy's $2 key tags, and who's to say you can't gift these to celebrate National Milk Day on January 11th, National Penguin Day on January 20th, or, best of all, Celebration of Life Day on January 22 (via National Today)? What could possibly be more celebratory than a free Frosty, after all?

Better hurry in to get those Frosty Key Tags pretty soon, though. They are only being sold up through January 31st — which, coincidentally, is National Fun at Work Day, and we all know that the Wendy's Frosty has the power to make work — and everything else — a lot more fun. So don't miss out on this year's key tag! It would be a shame to have to wait for 2021 for the offer to come around again.