The Truth About Paris Hilton's New Cooking Show

Whatever happened to Paris Hilton? This is something you may occasionally wonder, at least if you're old enough to remember back when she used to be famous for... what was it, again? Being a hotel heiress and reality TV star ? Anyway, if you've been worrying yourself sick over Paris, worried that she's withering away in obscurity since we never seem to hear from her anymore, we have good news for you. 

It seems Paris has resurfaced, rebounding from her past and shining her way into our lives again. To what does Paris the heiress owe her liberation? Would you believe it's the fact that she can evidently make a killer lasagna? Well, you can judge for yourself whether Paris really has the mad cooking skills she claims if you just tune in to her new YouTube show, Cooking with Paris.

Paris Hilton in the kitchen

If you can't spare the time to watch the entire 16-minute episode of her new show, we're here to break it down for you, or at least present the highlights. She sets the tone for the whole episode by starting off with a little word salad: "As you all know — well, maybe not all of you know — people who do know, know that I'm an amazing cook." Untangle that syntax, if you can. She also enlists as her sous chef her chihuahua Diamond Baby, who's "killing it in an apron" (Chanel, of course).

Once the actual cooking begins, things are a little, umm, rocky at times. She has to boil the lasagna noodles since they're not the pre-cooked kind: "annoying." The mozzarella's not pre-shredded — using a box grater is just "so brutal," though at least she has her fingerless black gloves to protect her. She then goes on to stir the ricotta with what appears to be a spatula, miss the meat with most of the seasoning, and chop onions (while wearing sunglasses) that she then forgets to use. She also forgets the garlic, but... whatever. She makes a quick recovery, declaring in the moment, "I feel my lasagna should not have onion or garlic in it." Oh, and then there's that bizarre interval where she stops to spritz herself with "unicorn mist."

How was Paris Hilton's lasagna?

Despite the fact that she admittedly "got a little excited doing my first cooking show" and may have made a few mistakes in her cooking, her finished creation looked pretty decent: all golden-brown melty cheesy goodness. Pity about the no garlic thing, but, as Paris would (and did) say, "Whatever... life could be worse."

As to how her new career as YouTuber/celeb chef is going to pan out (so to speak), so far the lasagna episode is her first and only. She's yet to hint at any further specialties she plans to share with her audience, but one thing's for certain — no matter how her recipes turn out, Paris' cooking show is sure to make for entertaining viewing.