The Truth About New Jersey's $135 Bagel

Recently New Jersey had the nerve to celebrate National Bagel Day by declaring itself the bagel capital of the world. While there was a predictable amount of backlash, particularly from New Yorkers (including Mayor Bill de Blasio) outraged at those bridge and tunnelers trying to claim the Big Apple's very own specialty, New Jersey refused to back down. Opinions may be divided on whether Jersey bagels are best, but they do seem to be leading in one category, at least: most expensive bagel currently available to order from a regular restaurant menu. While The Westin New York offered a limited-time $1000 bagel with white truffle cream cheese and gold shavings a few years back (via Conde Nast Traveler), Hoboken's O'Bagel features a signature bagel sandwich called the Mr. Viral that costs $135.

O'Bagel's big bagels

O'Bagel actually offers several different types of behemoth bagel, all weighing in at 30 pounds minus the toppings. The cheapest of these — a plain-Jane jumbo bagel — will run you $45, although you do have the option of sesame or everything varieties. Adding egg and cheese raises the price by 10 bucks, but if you'd like meat on your mega-sandwich (bacon, sausage, or turkey) you're looking at $95 for the "basic breakfast" version. O'Bagel's menu does not disclose how much more the loaded bagel weighs, but even the 30-pound version is probably going to feed a small crowd — perhaps why it's featured on the catering menu. O'Bagel's Instagram says it's made to feed 15 to 20 people, but still, that's like two pounds of breakfast sandwich per person... going to need a few gallons of coffee to wash all that down, for sure.

What $135 will get you at O'Bagel

If you want to go all out and order the Mr. Viral, you get four choices. The Ridge Diablo is topped with bacon, scrambled egg, pepper Jack, pickled jalapeños, chipotle aioli, and that classic Jersey favorite, Taylor ham — aka pork roll to those of you in South Jersey and Philly (via Jersey Pork Roll). The Watchung Warrior features pastrami, scrambled egg, Swiss cheese, and honey dijon, while the Scaly T has turkey bacon, a fried egg (over medium), scallion cream cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

Want to save room for lunch? That's ok, there's even a "lite" version, the Early Bird. This bagel comes lightly dressed with roasted turkey breast, egg whites, cucumbers, and something called Tuscan spread. Practically diet food — but only if you're into some serious carbo-loading. With fuel like that, you should be good to run an ultra-ultra marathon... like from Hoboken to Manhattan, and then on to Montreal. The Tour de Bagel, they could call it. Be still, our carb-clogged hearts.