The Secret Item You Can Order From Dunkin's Drive-Thru

What's your go-to order when you're hitting up the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru? Do you go for one of their signature coffee drinks, frozen, iced, or hot? Do you prefer to grab one of their undeniably tasty, if not so healthy, breakfast sandwiches? Or perhaps you're the generous type, picking up a box of donuts for the whole office to share. (If so, could we get one, too? Toasted coconut would be nice.)

Even if you, like America, run on Dunkin', there is one secret menu item you may not even be aware that you can order there. Not even talking about the endless variety of customizable drink flavors — this is something truly unexpected, but it could maybe save your life. Or at least rescue you from a refrigeration emergency. If you ask nicely — and are willing to pay just a buck or two — Dunkin' drive-thrus will allow you to buy bags of ice.

Yes, fast food drive-thrus sell ice

Dunkin' isn't the only chain that will sell you a bag of iceLifehacker reports that McDonald's, Burger King, Arby's, and Sonic are all willing to sell customers bags of the same ice they use in their sodas and other cold drinks. First Quarter Finance adds Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen, Steak 'n Shake, and Wendy's to the list, noting that bags range in size from 5 to 10 pounds (Dunkin's ice comes in 10-pound bags). Be aware, however, that many of these chains — including Dunkin' — are owned by franchisees, so the policies and prices for ice sales may vary from location to location.

Why buy ice from Dunkin's drive-thru?

So why might you want to purchase ice from a drive-thru? Lifehacker suggests you may be hosting a party, where the need to chill more beverages than your refrigerator can reasonably hold could become an issue. A Trip Advisor user, reviewing a Dunkin' in Massachusetts (a state where Dunkin' locations have long outnumbered Starbucks, according to, was thrilled to pick up a few bags of ice for a camping trip while dropping by for an iced coffee.

Whatever your reason for urgently needing ice — perhaps you're a heart surgeon rushing to make an emergency transplant! — Dunkin's got you covered. And with all the time you've saved by getting ice on the go, you've now got time to enjoy a refreshing Coolatta before you speed off on your mission, be it camping or cardiology.