Here's How To Get Unlimited Coffee At Panera

There's something about Panera that makes it an ultimate chain for causal, cozy food. Whether it's the soothing soups or the hearty café-style sandwiches, quick-serve customers can always turn to the restaurant for their favorite comfort foods and baked goods. If you're someone who just cannot get enough coffee with your go-to baked good order, there's a new Panera subscription that's just for you — unlimited coffee (via Panera).

According to the Boston Globe, Panera is hoping that with unlimited coffee, you'll bring your breakfast on-the-go routine to their shops each morning rather than to their competitors. Even if you are someone who just needs one cup of black coffee each morning, the new subscription could easily make it worth the cost — even if you do spring for another item on the menu like a bagel or a scone (via Panera).

How to score Panera's unlimited coffee

MyPanera+ Coffee, the new subscription service, rolled out Thursday, February 27 to stores nationwide. For $8.99, subscription members can get unlimited coffee, hot or iced, and hot tea. For that price, the cost of the membership pays for itself after just four cups. It breaks down to just 30 cents per day, which is a steal if you stop by a restaurant or coffee shop on the way to work at least four times per month.

To take advantage of the deal, simply order online, in stores, or within the Panera app on your phone. You can choose from any of the flavors of coffee including the light roast, dark roast, hazelnut, decaffeinated, and you can also get iced coffee or hot tea. Once you have your order, there is just one catch: you can only use your subscription once every two hours. To make amends though, you can get unlimited refills as long as you are in the café. So take it to go, or if it's a multiple-cups kind of morning, try to plan ahead to spend some time in the café for refills.