How To Order The Starbucks Harley Quinn Frappuccino

How cute is Harley Quinn? Okay, so she's kind of deranged and has some serious man trouble (don't you hate it when you keep falling for evil maniacs?), but even when she's bringing the mayhem in Birds of Prey, she's still somehow adorable. Is it the colorful costume, the glittery makeup, or that goofy grin? Possibly it's that sweet pet hyena

Whether you rushed out to see her new movie on opening weekend or you're waiting 'til it drops on Netflix, there's still one Harley Quinn-themed treat you're going to want to check out ASAP — the Starbucks secret menu Harley Quinn frappuccino.

What goes into the Harley Quinn frappuccino?

This new themed drink, which was created by Totally the Bomb, starts off with a strawberry creme frappuccino base — any size will do. You'll then need to ask the barista to add some vanilla bean and hazelnut — and oh yeah, some strawberry puree in the bottom of the cup (maybe mention this first). 

Be sure to ask for whipped cream on top, as well (why would you ever not want this on any frap?), and then brace yourself for the part where your barista's really going to get angry. But push on through the pain (theirs) and awkwardness (yours), since in order to really embody the essence of Harley, this frappuccino needs its colorful garnishes. And these are? Her signature shades of pink and green, recreated by sprinkling matcha powder over half the whip and crushed dragonfruit over the other half.

Now put a big tip in the jar, then snap a photo of your drink before you take that first sip. Sure, it tastes pretty good, but the real point of this — and other special-edition Starbucks drinks — is all about the 'gram, after all, and nobody is even pretending otherwise at this point.