The Truth About Olive Garden's Unlimited Pasta

Do you love Olive Garden pasta? Do you really, really love it? Love it so much you could eat copious amounts of it every single day without getting tired of it? Well, in that case, then you might actually be somebody who could get their money's worth out of Olive Garden's unlimited pasta promos. Ok, so you might not reach quite the pasta limits-testing heights of IT worker Jeff Berman, who related to Business Insider how he ate 140 meals in 56 days using a $100 Never Ending Pasta Pass and calculates that he saved a total of $2,164.89 — at least, saved it over the cost of having actually paid for those meals.

How much you'll save, of course, depends on whether you actually want to eat at Olive Garden three times a day, but yeah, if you're down for some serious carb-loading, then you could probably save some serious bucks by taking advantage of one of Olive Garden's unlimited pasta deals.

How to get an unlimited pasta at Olive Garden

There are several different ways you can get unlimited pasta at Olive Garden. Periodically they will run limited-time offers on different types of pasta, allowing unlimited amounts for dine-in customers only — well, this makes sense, since how could they deliver unlimited pasta? The cost of paying for multiple trips would be prohibitive. Currently, the all-you-can-eat special at Olive Garden is for stuffed pasta, including Cheese Stuffed Shells, Stuffed Zitti Fritta, and Cheese Ravioli.

Once a year, though, Olive Garden ups the ante by selling a limited number of Never Ending Pasta Passes which allow the bearer to eat unlimited pasta, soup, and salad for eight weeks. The 2019 pass cost $100, and only 24,000 of these were available for sale and sold out almost immediately — Business Insider says that 2018's sold out in under one minute.

The few, the lucky, those with incredibly fast internet connections, were offered an even better deal — quite literally the deal of a lifetime, as it was for a Lifetime Pasta Pass. These passes, of which there were only 50 available, sold out in "milliseconds," according to Delish. They cost $500, and guarantee that the buyer can eat all the pasta they like at any Olive Garden anywhere for as long as they live — or at least until the last Olive Garden closes its doors, the company changes its policies, or the zombie apocalypse hits and the zombies decide that brains go better with a side of cavatappi.