Here's How To Order Starbucks' Secret Easter Drink

It may have been the California cult fast food classic In-N-Out Burger that popularized the notion of a secret menu, but Starbucks also has a secret menu full of Willy Wonka-esque drink concoctions that you can order if you're in the know. To be clear, the Starbucks secret menu isn't something written down and official which all baristas are briefed on when they're hired. Rather, the Starbucks secret menu exists in the hearts and minds of devotees of the famous Seattle coffee chain. 

To order something off the Starbucks secret menu, you're going to have to give your favorite barista a step-by-step accounting of how to prepare a newly invented drink created by a caffeine aided influencer and popularized by social media. And because it's likely the bane of every barista's existence to have to make these fancy drinks, you should definitely consider tipping after you've ordered your elaborate beverage.

The Starbucks Cadbury Creme Egg Frappuccino

The newest Starbucks secret menu item is a Cadbury Creme Egg Frappuccino, which makes a timely appearance as the country is preparing for Easter. The base for the Cadbury Creme Egg Frappuccino is the slightly simpler Java Chip Frappuccino, which you'll have to modify slightly (via Taste of Home). You can order it in any size and adjust the alterations accordingly. 

We'll use the tall 12-ounce size as the example. Ask your barista (politely!) to add one pump of Frappuccino roast (or two pumps for a grande and three pumps for a venti), one pump of vanilla syrup (or one-and-a-half pumps for a grande and two pumps for a venti), a half-pump of caramel syrup (also a half-pump for a grande and one pump for a venti), and two scoops of vanilla bean powder (or three scoops for a grande and four scoops for a venti). Then it gets blended up, whipped cream and caramel or chocolate syrup are added, and you've got yourself a Cadbury Creme Egg Frappuccino that will look as good in your hand as it does in your head.

This seasonal treat doesn't come cheap, though — Taste of Home reports a grande will run you $7.50. Good thing Easter only comes once a year!