Here's How To Make Disney World's Magical Churro Recipe

Referred to as the "happiest place on earth," Disney fans know someone could spend months inside the massive theme parks and still not experience or even be aware of everything they have to offer (fan site Mouse Hacking claims there are 12 parks spread across six resorts worldwide). To help Disney enthusiasts keep the excitement alive between visits, the Disney Park's Blog has been sharing behind the scenes photos, virtual tours, recipes, and more for fans to create a little magic at home. 

One thing in particular Disney aficionados say they miss during their time away is the incredible foods that the parks offer, and high on that list are Disney's famous churros. Disney Rewards claims that the parks sell the iconic treat to 5 1/2 million customers per year. Fan site Disney Food Blog proclaims that a churro stall is usually their first stop upon entering one of the Disney theme parks, and that they consistently miss the beloved fried dough snack post-visit. Herald & Review even go as far as to call the churro one of the best parts of any visit to Disney World.

You can recreate the magic at home with Disney's churros

To the delight of cinnamon sugar fans everywhere, Disney Park's Blog decided it was time to create and share the recipe for a scaled-down, bite-size version of their classic churro, which is available at all Disney Parks worldwide. The churros are surprisingly easy to make, and require no special ingredients or equipment–you probably have most of what is needed at home already. 

If available, a piping bag for the classic churro shape and a deep-fry or candy thermometer to measure the temperature of the oil would make this process even easier and ensure the first batch comes out perfectly to feel more like the real Disney delicacy. 

The recipe says it feeds four, but we're confident you could get through them all in, say, the time it takes to watch two Disney films. Once you've mastered the basic churro, check out Walt Disney World News' churro reviews, going all the way back to 2017, and see if you can recreate some of the innovative and spectacular seasonal and limited edition flavors at home.