Here's How Much Cat Cora Is Really Worth

It seems like so many of the world's celebrity chefs are multi-talented, and Cat Cora is no exception. The co-host of Around the World in 80 Plates (via Bravo), and the first-ever female Iron Chef on Iron Chef America, her website also notes that she is an author, actress, philanthropist, editor, lifestyle entrepreneur — and a mother of six! 

A large component of Cora's mission is humanitarian and philanthropic work. She is the founder of an organization called Chefs for Humanity, which is a non-profit whose mission is to reduce hunger across the globe by helping to support humanitarian relief as well as providing education about nutrition and eating well. She also worked hand-in-hand with Michelle Obama on the First lady's "Let's Move!" initiative to encourage the youth of America to exercise and eat well (via DCist). Cora was lauded by President Barack Obama and given the President's Volunteer Service Award as well as the President's Lifetime Achievement Award for her service to the community.

The net worth of Cat Cora

Celebrity Net Worth puts Cat Cora's net worth at around $7 million. A large portion of that likely comes from the 18 restaurants across the world that Cora owns. From Singapore to San Francisco to the Detroit Metro Airport, her restaurants span the globe and many of them are often turned temporarily into pop-ups across the country. 

She's also authored three cookbooks as well as a children's book and a bestselling memoir. Although her net worth could certainly be considered comfortable, it's not quite as high as other celebrity chefs. One possible reason could have something to do with her humanitarian work and philanthropy. Because of her track record helping others, it could certainly stand to reason that Cora has given away or donated some of her proceeds which could explain why her net worth is smaller than some of her peers.