Here's How To Make Disney's Signature Grilled Cheese

Let's face it — we'd all rather be at Disneyland now. Don't despair though, because until your next Disney vacation, the House of Mouse has been bringing its signature treats to you at home. Released in honor of April 12th's National Grilled Cheese Day (but delicious at any time), the Disneyland Parks crew has released its signature Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese recipe from Woody's Lunchbox. 

To say this cheesy goodness is decadent is a clear understatement, and pictures really don't do it justice. The signature recipe features a cream cheese spread heavy on the Double Gloucester plus a garlic spread reminiscent of a savory and aromatic oil, all sandwiched between your choice of artisan bread and grilled to a crispy golden brown goodness. The listed recipes say it serves four and is shown pictured with some delectable tater tots, but we'll let you decide exactly how to enjoy this comfort food. 

But don't stop now, because when it comes to Disney, the happiness should be shared with kids and adults alike, as shown in this child-friendly twist on that classic melted cheese.

Disney grilled cheese — deluxe kids' style

That's right, the Disney Family blog offers yet another fabulous take on cheesy eat-at-home-goodness. In this case, this cute and crispy sandwich features Minnie Mouse, but you could adapt the shape based on your available tools at home. The key to this kid-friendly sandwich is the crust-free cookie cutter shape. 

This whimsical option levels up your average ham and cheese sandwich, using the namesake ingredients on both the inside and the outside of the entree. After grilling the goods, cut out the shape using a cookie cutter, then tailor your ham and cheese decorations as a bow and flower garnish. Don't worry, the leftovers will still create tasty tomato soup dippers for the grown-ups. If ham isn't your thing, consider switching out for a different sliced meat, a slim cut veggie dog, or even add sliced veggies like cucumbers or beets. 

So until you can go on another Disney trip, let Disney come to you. Enjoy creative cooking solutions you can make at home that will be a hit with both kids and adults.