Here's What You Can Substitute For Feta Cheese

Feta cheese has been dubbed Greece's favorite cheese, and for good reason. The curdled, sheep milk-based cheese's origins can be traced back to Homer's epic Odyssey where Cyclops Polyphemus is credited with being the first to make this crumbly, white, salty cheese (via Culture Trip). 

Feta means "slice" in Greek, a name given to the cheese that may be linked to the exercise of slicing up the cheese and putting it into barrels where it is packed in brine (via Real Greek Feta). The brine is said to pickle and preserve the cheese, adding six months more to feta's shelf life in comparison to other cheeses (via Cheese Market News). 

Today, feta is used in everything from Mediterranean salads, to pastas, to artisan pizzas, with Wisconsin leading domestic production of this cheese. Its flavor can be difficult to replicate, but if you find you are making a recipe and there's no feta to be found in the refrigerator, there are several cheeses that can step up to the plate in a pinch. These potential substitutes are similar in flavor and texture, and can add similar tastes to recipes calling for feta cheese.

Try these cheese substitutes for feta cheese

Ricotta can be an appropriate substitute for feta, especially in texture; however, ricotta is a sweet cheese and to match the tangy flavor of feta, you may need to add salt (via Chew the World). No ricotta? Try cottage cheese! Cottage cheese doesn't share the same sharp flavor as feta, but it works well when you have a dish that calls for a grated version of the Greek cheese. Like ricotta, cottage cheese lacks the intense, salty flavor of feta and you will need a couple shakes from the salt shaker. 

Goat cheese is also an option. Made from, you guessed it, goat's milk, this cheese has a mild, but tart flavor. Its crumbly nature makes it a perfect alternative when you are out of feta (via Taste Essence).

Queso fresco is a Mexican staple made from cow's milk and can also be used as an alternative to feta, however, while queso fresco does soften when heated, it doesn't really melt. Like feta, it has a salty flavor, and works best as a substitute when you are making eggs or salads (via Merchdope). 

Cojita cheese is another Mexican cheese made from cow's milk with a crumbly texture that makes it a great substitute for feta. Its flavor is much more subtle in comparison, and the taste is reminiscent of parmesan. Just know that like queso fresco, Cojito cheese doesn't melt well (via Food Shark Marfa).