The Untold Truth Of Miracle Whip

With a name like Miracle Whip, a product has to have a good story behind it. The "mayo" with the recognizable logo, which has gone from grocery store shelves straight to a music video with Lady Gaga (via NPR) got its start because people had the crazy idea to start making their own mayonnaise at home, rather than buying it at the store.

During of the Great Depression, many families realized that they could save money by mixing eggs, vinegar, and oil to make mayonnaise rather than picking it up at their grocer (via Grog to Grits). As a result, sales of store-bought mayonnaise plummeted. Kraft Foods realized it had to do something about this decrease in popularity, and tasked their food inventors with coming up with a solution. 

The condiment presented as the solution was Miracle Whip, which was invented by food scientist Charles Chapman, and introduced at the Chicago World's Fair in 1933 (via Food). Kraft marketed Miracle Whip as being a cheaper alternative to mayo, and it began to gain devotees.

How Miracle Whip stacks up to mayonnaise

Consumers have always loved the fact that Miracle Whip doubles as a salad dressing (which it is, technically, being less than 65 percent vegetable oil, according to My Recipes).

Although the ingredient proportions have never been disclosed, Miracle Whip consists of water, soybean oil, vinegar, cornstarch, eggs, salt, mustard powder, paprika, dried garlic, high fructose corn syrup, potassium sorbate, spice, and natural flavor. On the other hand, Hellman's Mayonnaise consists solely of water, soybean oil, eggs, vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice, a preservative and natural flavors. A quick glance at the ingredients list may explain why Miracle Whip is considered to be sweeter and spicier than mayonnaise. Some people even use it as the binding agent for a fruit salad (via My Food and Family).

Fearing irrelevance, Miracle Whip has embarked on an ad campaign in recent years, partnering with brands such as theme park Six Flags, video game maker Electronic Arts and even bought ad time on Stephen Colbert's television show. And yet, to this day, Kraft claims that Miracle Whip is one of the 20 top best-selling brands in the grocery industry (via Real Simple).