Crawford Smith

Flagstaff, AZ
Mcgill University
Food History/Trivia, American Food, Fine Dining, Food Celebrities
  • Crawford paid his dues working on the line at fine-dining restaurants in Austin, Texas, making Neapolitan pizza, tapas, charcuterie, and more.
  • He writes a food blog that translates his restaurant expertise into recipes for enthusiastic home cooks.
  • Crawford spent his teenage years watching as many Food Network cooking shows as possible and now collects historical community cookbooks to study the history of American regional cuisine.


Since his childhood as a Food Network-obsessed home cook, Crawford has always known he wanted to work in food media. He cooked at some of Austin, Texas's top restaurants to hone his skills before transitioning to a writing career. He has worked as a blogger for The Hoth, and also maintains a personal website where he shares recipes and stories from his life.


Crawford graduated from Mcgill University in Montreal, Canada with a B.A. in Political Science and a double minor in Philosophy and Religion. He wrote for Mcgill's newspaper and explored Montreal's rich local food culture during his time in college.
Stories By Crawford Smith