The Strangest Things Wendy's Employees Have Been Asked

What's it like working at Wendy's? If you've never served time in the fast-food industry trenches, then you probably can't even imagine the incredibly tedious routines, the long hours on aching feet, the lingering scent of fried grease that turns from enticing to sickening after you've been exposed to it for hours on end, a fragrance that clings to your hands and your skin and gets in your car and follows you home... oh, and those ridiculously tiny paychecks.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have ever worked in a Wendy's or a similar fast food restaurant, then you know, though, that this job has one unexpected perk — and no, we're not talking about free fries (since you probably don't even want these after the first week on the job). Instead, it's the laughs provided by those often-annoying, but occasionally hilarious customers.

Wendy's wacky customers speak out in strange ways

There have been several threads on the subreddit r/wendys devoted to Wendy's employees naming the weirdest or dumbest things they've ever been asked by a customer. Some spoke of confused customers who weren't even aware what restaurant they'd wandered into and attempted to order such items as Nachos Supreme, a Baja Blast, a McGriddle, or an orange dip cone a la DQ. Others spoke of customers who willingly overpaid for such items as a Baconator without bacon (so a cheeseburger, pretty much), a Dave's Single without meat (umm, a plain bun?) or a salad base with no add-ins (as the Redditor put it, this customer "paid $9.75 for an airy bowl of spring mix.")

Still other customers have pretty unrealistic expectations, such as the woman who called up to complain that her Frostys had melted some 40 minutes after she'd purchased them or the woman who was displeased to note that the cheese in her Apple Pecan Chicken Salad was moldy (that salad is made with blue cheese). Then there are the customers with the extra-special orders, like the one who asked for pickles with no skin on them (this must be the fast-food equivalent of "peel me a grape").

Yep, customers say the darndest things, all right, and yes, it's a pain in the patootie, but at least it makes for a never-ending source of anecdotes (and future r/wendys threads).