This Is How You Should Be Getting Rid Of Hot Grease

If you often cook meat at home, the long and short of it is that there is usually going to be a grease situation to deal with once you're finished cooking. Though it may certainly seem tempting to dump a bunch of molten grease down the sink or into the toilet, it's not a particularly wise move as it can clog pipes once it congeals, leading to a whole host of problems (via HuffPost). 

Even the old wives' tale which posits that chasing the grease with dish soap will help dissolve it does not seem to have any basis in science. Although this habit can initially cause something as "minor" as a rancid smell coming from your sink or toilet, it can lead to much more serious issues such as a full blockage of your kitchen or bathroom pipes, which can be quite costly to repair.

A new way to dispose of grease

Pouring the grease into a container like an orange juice bottle or carton is a common practice (especially if the grease in question is bacon grease and because it's breakfast time you've just polished off the rest of the orange juice). However this can require a funnel, which not everyone has easily accessible in the kitchen, and performing this trick without a funnel can lead to some messy outcomes.

A Tiktok video (via The Kitchn) recently surfaced showcasing a creative way to dispose of grease, and it even allows you to dump it right into the sink — kind of.

Once you're ready to dump your oil or grease, tear off a piece of aluminum foil that will cover the "floor" of your sink and tuck it slightly into the drain. First placing a plastic colander on top of the foil layer if you need to drain something, dump the grease into the foil, and taking care not to spill anything out of the edges, scrunch it up into a ball and dispose of it in the trash.