The Real Reason You Should Put Capers On Pizza

Certain pizza toppings have more popularity in certain parts of the world than others. Arugula, for example, is very popular in Italy and other parts of Europe, but is less commonplace in the United States (via Uncut Recipes). Canned corn, on the other hand, you are going to have a difficult time finding being used as a pizza topping in many countries other than South Korea (via Food 52).

Capers are a common topping in traditional Italian pizzas, and they should be considered for more widespread use. Combined with anchovies, they create a Pizza Napoli (via Inside the Rustic Kitchen) but can also be used to make any type of pizza a bit more interesting and flavorful.

Capers keep forever in the refrigerator, and when added atop a pizza bring a salty tang and burst of pungent herbal, floral flavor. While your local pizza joint might not have them available as a topping, if you have your own at home, you can add them to takeout pizza yourself, or on a make your own pizza night.

Capers have been used in food for millenia

Capers are the preserved buds of the flower of the Capparis spinosa plant, which is a prickly bush with white flowers native to Western and Central Asia, though it grows extensively through the Mediterranean region today (via Nonna Box). Capers are either salted or pickled to preserve them, and are added to dishes for seasoning or garnishing purposes. 

Incredibly, they've been used for thousands of years and are even mentioned in the Bible (which also points out that capers may have aphrodisiac qualities). The Ancient Greeks used the salty buds in cooking and used other parts of the plant for medicinal purposes. Modern studies show that capers contain high amounts of quercetin (capers have more quercetin by weight than any other food), an antioxidant with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties also found in the skins of red apples and onions. Some studies have shown that quercetin may be helpful in preventing prostate cancer. 

Just another reason to add capers to your pizza tonight!