Aldi's New $5 Summer Wines Have Everyone Talking

While we'd never think of diluting a really wonderful bottle of wine with ice, Aldi actually recommends that you serve its latest summer-inspired wine releases over ice. Besides, there's nothing quite a good as slowly sipping a chilled bottle over ice while you lounge by the pool all day long. Fortunately, Aldi just introduced a series of summer wines that are perfect for this, and they only cost about $5 each. That's what we call a win for summer months (via Delish). 

Thankfully, there are three bottles in this summer series. Two are sangrias, one red and one white (why not try both?), while the last one is a rosé (come on; try all three!). So, there's something for everyone to love (via SheKnows). Incidentally, these inexpensive wines are great for making summer wine slushies, too. Because if wine over ice is good, wine and ice turned into slushies is infinitely better. Just sayin'!

What you need to know about the $5 summer wines at Aldi

These wines are made by Moiselle, and the bottles are brightly packaged with feminine touches. Honestly, they look like they should come with a beach book for summer reading! The limited edition wines are the perfect bottles to stock up on for warm days (and nights, and afternoons). At less than $5 per bottle, stocking up while they're in-store is a deal too good to pass up on if you ask us.

The new wine offerings are made with natural flavors, and come in three distinct profiles. The first is the Moiselle White Sangria, that's a refreshing and crisp white wine with citrus hints of lemon and lime. Next, is the Moiselle Sangria, which is the red wine variety that features notes of orange, in addition to lemon and lime. Aldi suggests you pair this classic sangria-inspired bottle with cheese boards or roasted salsas. Finally, is the Moiselle Sweet Grapefruit Rosé. This one is the sweetest of the trio thanks to the grapefruit, which also adds another citrus note.

Whether you drink these wines chilled with ice, over frozen slices of orange, grapefruit, and grapes, or as a slushie topped with frozen fruits, chances are you're in for an affordable treat this summer, thanks to Aldi.