The Aldi Shopping Hack That Makes Checkout A Breeze

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Shopping at Aldi is more than a chore; for many, it's more like a hobby. If you're an Aldi fan, you probably can't wait for each week's new flyer to come out, just so you can see what items are going on sale (99-cent chicken breasts! heart, be still) and, better yet, what exciting new items have been released! Whether it's seasonal finds or Special Buys, Aldi is always going to have something you know you just can't live without.

There's just a little bit of awkwardness that always seems to come at checkout — sure, it's a low price to pay for the low, low prices you've just paid, but still, don't you wish there was a better way to quickly pack your groceries up? After all, Aldi cashiers are known for their super speed and greater efficiency that helps Aldi keep costs down. If you find yourself fumbling awkwardly at checkout, trying to get out of the way of the customer behind you, you may appreciate this hack one British customer came up with to help her pack as quickly as the cashiers can ring her up.

How to pack up your Aldi groceries super quick

One member of the Aldi Mums Facebook group (via The Daily Mirror) shared her fave shopping hack, which involves a little extra gear: two large, flexible plastic tubs with handles (they appeared to be similar to this product from Amazon). She put the tubs into her shopping cart, and says they make it so easy to move her items from cart to checkout to car. She also shared a tip for loading the baskets as she shops: "I put the heaviest items in the front tub so that they come out first onto the belt and then I distribute the heavy things evenly into the two tubs after they've been swiped through the register." Pretty genius, huh? That's exactly what the other Aldi Mums thought, although one member offered yet another solution: "I've seen a lady with a couple of laundry baskets in her boot. She loaded the groceries straight from the trolley to the baskets."

Although Aldi has introduced self-checkout in some UK stores, it hasn't been popular with all shoppers, many of whom, according to the Daily Express, miss the personal touch of interacting with a human cashier (no matter how quickly they're moving). No self-checkout in the U.S. yet, but no matter how you check out, using tubs or laundry baskets is sure to make carrying your shopping a whole lot easier, making your Aldi trips even more enjoyable (and possibly even more frequent — if that's even possible).