Del Taco Secret Menu Items You Should Be Ordering

If you haven't added Del Taco to your repertoire of fast food taco lunch stops, it's probably just a matter of time. According to a 2020 press release on the Del Taco website, the brand is the second-leading Mexican food quick-serve restaurant in the United States and is actively expanding market share and looking to bring new customers into the fold. They're doing the job well, with a 2017 article in QSR Magazine noting that the clear vision and strategy by management to enhance and streamline menu boards — highlighting their low-cost staples while emphasizing additions of fresh and healthier (and more expensive) fare — are reaping financial rewards. 

One of the other things the brand has embraced since its inception — and continues to encourage amongst employees and customers — is order customization. As the history page on the Del Taco website notes, employees take pride in "chopping, grilling, and shredding in our restaurants every day." This fresh-made approach gives customers the option to ask for changes and additions to everything they order. And while the "official" Del Taco secret menu is fairly short (and pretty well-known), the opportunities for switching things up and asking for tacos, burritos, and burgers to be made exactly to your liking is practically limitless. Consider the following ideas, and when you hit the drive-thru, go ahead and get creative. 

Del Taco's stoner burrito

Probably one of the best-known secret menu items at Del Taco is the "stoner burrito." For obvious reasons (i.e., possible backlash from pearl-clutching soccer moms who couldn't possibly support a business that caters to "stoners"), this burrito isn't on the official menu. But as a writer for Thrillist points out, after you ask for it, you'll feel like a genius for giving it a try. What you'll get when you place your order is a bean-and-cheese burrito loaded with red sauce, special sauce, and... french fries. Yes, delicious, crinkle-cut french fries are stuffed inside of this burrito. It's practically like an order of chili cheese fries wrapped up in a tortilla — which, if we're being honest, could there be a better food choice when you're experiencing the late-night munchies? 

If you're really looking to take things up a notch, you could do like Facebook user Michael Marks did and turn your stoner burrito into a chimichanga by frying it in bacon fat once you've brought it home. It's probably not the healthiest choice (and by "probably," we mean it's definitely not), but ordering a burrito like this is never really about making healthier choices, right? 

Try a Del Taco bun taco

The "bun taco" is another one of Del Taco's well-known secret menu items — you may not find it on the restaurant's menu boards these days, but the company's website points out that it was originally introduced in the 1970s as an official sandwich order. A Thrillist writer explains that it basically melds the two types of foods Del Taco focuses on — Mexican food and burgers — by slathering the contents of a classic taco between the two halves of a burger bun. So to be clear, that's taco-seasoned beef, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, and diced tomatoes on a burger bun. It's kinda like a Sloppy Joe, but also decidedly not. 

From there, you can keep personalizing your order. Ask for sour cream, the sauces of your choice, or add avocado to your order. You could even get a little crazy and ask for a different type of taco to be turned into a bun taco. Just imagine the beauty of their chicken al carbon taco or beer-battered fish taco turned into a hamburger — could it get any better?

Oh, and because Del Taco makes all their hamburgers fresh, as pointed out by a writer at the Mail Tribune, you'll enjoy your bun taco with a bun that is nice and warm after being heated up on the grill. This "bun taco" hack more-or-less doubles the company's "burger" options because the possibilities for ordering customized bun tacos are extensive. 

"Go bold" at Del Taco

There are two secret words that every Del Taco fan needs to memorize — "Go bold." This phrase is like a (not very well-guarded) password to enter a special club where whatever menu item you order gets loaded with crinkle-cut fries and secret sauce. The company doesn't try to hide this secret menu hack from its customers and has even promoted the phrase on its own social media channels, giving fans the chance to chime in with their favorite "bold" orders. 

Sure, you could "go bold" with a basic burrito, but why stop there? You can have sauce and fries added to quesadillas, burgers, or even milkshakes. Think we're lying? Food Beast tried five different "go bold" menu items (including a vanilla milkshake) and basically raved about the experience, saying "It was a hot mess. It was glorious. It was extreme bubble guts a few hours later but so, so worth it." 

The bubble guts part doesn't sound that glorious, but hey, maybe it was just because their food tester ate two types of tacos, a burger, a shake, and a quesadilla. Surely that's the reason, right? Either way, don't let the prospect of bubble guts scare you. This secret menu tip is a hit with Del Taco fans across the country, so it's worth giving it a try. 

Enjoy a Del Taco burrito... in a cup

Many of the other websites that talk about Del Taco's secret menu items, like Secret Menus, mention the "combo cup." The combo cup is basically the Del Combo Burrito (ground beef or turkey, beans, cheese, and red sauce) served in a cup rather than rolled up in a tortilla. Served this way, you essentially enjoy a cup of chili, right? Not a bad secret menu item. But here's the problem with only promoting the "combo cup" – at Del Taco, you can ask for any of their burritos to be served in a cup. How great is that? It's a little bit like Chiptole's bowls — you get to enjoy the contents of the burrito of your choice while cutting back on the refined carbohydrates found in the tortilla.  

So yeah, maybe the first time out, order the tried-and-true combo cup, like Facebook user Heather Dreher Johnson. If you like the concept, branch out. The Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito would probably taste pretty great without the tortilla, as would the 8 Layer Veggie Burrito. Heck, ask for a side of chips and you end up with some pretty excellent (and shareable) snack possibilities. 

Del Taco's shell-less tacos

Yes, just as you can order any of Del Taco's burritos without the tortilla, you can order any of their tacos without the shells. Instagram user @keto_sistas documented her lunchtime secret menu hack when she ordered three tacos without the shells, then added sour cream and jalapenos to cap off her meal. Del Taco loved the idea so much, that the brand then shared her picture to their own social media pages, confirming the legitimacy of this secret menu idea. 

The thing to remember is that Del Taco tacos aren't huge. Like @keto_sisters, if you're looking to fill up on a full-fledged lunch or dinner, you can't order just one taco without the shell, you're going to need to order three or more. The beauty of this, though, is that you can mix-and-match the tacos you order to your heart's content for a more interesting meal. Why not order two regular (i.e. beef) tacos and one grilled chicken taco for a mix of different meats? Or order three different types of chicken tacos for slightly different flavors and toppings. It really opens up a world of personalized possibilities. 

Del Taco's cheesy burrito

The most basic burrito that Del Taco has on its menu is the half-pound bean and cheese burrito, featuring (you guessed it), beans, cheese, and your choice of red or green sauce. But if you're the type of person who doesn't want all those beans interfering with the flavor of Del Taco's freshly grated cheese (according to Thrillist, employees really do hand-grate all the cheese daily), just ask for a cheesy burrito. The Grubwire states that employees should know what's on this paired-down version, but if for some reason they don't, just let them know what sauce you want with a burrito that's all cheese. 

And if it's just the beans you take issue with (hey, beans don't agree with everyone, amiright?), you can always ask for a cheesy burrito with other items added, like avocado or the restaurant's cilantro lime rice. And don't forget, you can always kick your cheesy burrito up a notch by using those magic words, "Go bold." You'll end up with a cheese burrito stuffed with french fries and secret sauce — how great (or potentially addicting) does that sound?

Make your Del Taco order "deluxe"

Many of Del Taco's tacos and burritos come with an assortment of vegetables, including (but not limited to) lettuce, tomatoes, onions, guacamole, pico de Gallo, and even cabbage, depending on what you order. But in the same light, many of their basic burritos, tacos, and enchiladas are pretty plain. If you're the type that wants to order the basic bean and cheese burrito, but you'd like a few veggies thrown in, here's a lesser-known secret menu tip shared by a writer at the Mail Tribune — ask for the employee to "make it deluxe" for a few cents more. 

Making your meal deluxe will reward you with lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream on anything you order, and for a price addition of less than 50 cents (you might even be able to get it for free), it's a pretty good deal. Think about it — that basic cheese enchilada would probably taste a whole lot better with sour cream, tomatoes, and lettuce, right? Or when you order the company's dollar menu 3 Layer Queso Nachos, you can get deluxe nachos including veggies and sour cream for less than $1.50. How great is that?

Go "Beyond" to enjoy your Del Taco meal vegan or vegetarian

According to the publication Restaurant Business, Del Taco made headlines in 2019 with the report of its sales success after adding vegan-friendly Beyond Meat to its nationwide menu with an assortment of "Beyond" burritos and tacos. These items feature Beyond Meat in place of seasoned ground beef, and come without sour cream or cheese, fully catering to vegan clientele or those who are trying to cut back on consuming red meat. 

But here's the deal, if you're a vegan, vegetarian, or you simply don't want to eat as much red meat, you can switch out the meat on any Del Taco item in favor of Beyond Meat. So, for instance, why not try that bun taco (remember, it's the insides of a taco served on a hamburger bun) with Beyond Meat? Or try the queso loaded fries with Beyond Meat in place of the ground beef. Even the signature taco salad can be enjoyed with Beyond Meat. 

Just remember, these other menu items aren't necessarily vegan when you switch out the regular meat for Beyond Meat. To ensure your order is vegan, ask for sour cream and cheese to be nixed as well.   

Del Taco's secret menu fish burrito hack

Del Taco offers the beer battered fish taco on its regular menu, featuring a beer-battered fish fillet, cabbage, secret sauce, and Pico de Gallo, but there's not a single fish burrito on the menu. Luckily, in a Reddit thread with a Del Taco employee, the employee details how you can score a fish burrito if you're so inclined. Simply order the 1/2-pound bean and cheese burrito (or the bean, rice, and cheese burrito if you want your fish served with rice), and ask for two fish fillets, cabbage, and pico de gallo to be added to it. Or, if a fish burrito that includes beans sounds a little dicey, you can nix the beans (remember, that's the "cheesy burrito") and enjoy the newly-made fish burrito sans beans. 

This same hack applies when the company rolls out its seasonal shrimp tacos. Just ask for the innards of a shrimp taco to be added to the basic burrito of your choice. Instant deliciousness wrapped up in a tortilla. 

Make your Del Taco burrito "wet"

Okay, while ordering a "wet" burrito doesn't sound all that appetizing on the surface, it's important to understand what a wet burrito is before you turn up your nose. Del Taco wet burritos aren't really soggy — at least not in the "got caught in the rain and doused with water" sort of way. Rather, they're part of the brand's "platos," which feature oversized burritos slathered in extra sauce and cheese, then served alongside beans, rice, chips, and salsa. But if you're not interested in ordering a full plato, and you just want to enjoy a "wet" burrito, the Reddit thread with the Del Taco employee explains how. 

Just ask for the 1/2-pound bean and cheese burrito with your choice of green or red sauce. Add the meat of your choice for a dollar, then ask for an extra side of red or green sauce, which the employee states is usually provided for free. When you receive your order (you may have to ask for a takeout container as well), douse the burrito with the extra sauce. Just like that, you have a "wet" burrito! Of course, this secret menu hack doesn't feature the added cheese or avocado slices as you get with the plato, but you can always ask for extra sides of those, too.

Del Taco's solution for limp tortillas

If you're not a fan of "limp" tortillas — you know, the ones that get soggy pretty quickly from the innards of tacos or burritos and start to fall apart in your hands, there's another Del Taco trick you should know. The employee who answered questions on Reddit notes that you can ask for your tortillas to be "well done" for pretty much anything you order. While this may not be a secret menu item, per se, it's certainly an insider tip that can take the enjoyment of your favorite menu item up a notch. 

For instance, consider "well done" tortillas with your favorite quesadilla — they'll end up a little more toasty and crispy, adding a bit of a crunch to your cheesy meal. Or if you don't want the tortilla wrapping your spicy grilled chicken burrito to succumb to the juices it's holding inside, ask for it to be "well done." It may not completely save you from a taco or burrito that falls apart, but it might buy you a little extra time before it does. 

Customize, customize, customize your Del Taco secret menu item

If you haven't already caught on, the key to the Del Taco secret menu is that you can customize anything you want. The employee who answered questions on Reddit also emphasizes this fact, so really, you're only limited by the ingredients Del Taco has on hand and your own imagination. For instance, if you don't like the refried beans that come with your favorite burrito, ask for them to be switched out for black beans. Or if you want your tostada to come with meat, ask for chicken or beef to be added. While it's not heavily promoted, Del Taco does keep bacon on hand, so why not ask for bacon to be added on top of your queso loaded fries or your chicken taco? 

One popular example of this type of customization is the "green bean machine" burrito mentioned by SecretMenus. Don't worry, there aren't any green beans in this burrito (that actually sounds disgusting); rather, there's green sauce and beans added to the egg and cheese breakfast burrito. This doesn't sound like the most appetizing customization, but hey, that's the beauty of being able to customize your order — to each their own.