This Is The Food That Pairs Best With Champagne

Some things just pair well together, forming unforgettable dynamic duos. DC Comic super heroes the Wonder Twins, NBA mega stars Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, breakfast favorites bacon and eggs, and for the longest time, we've always said caviar and champagne are the classic combo. But caviar may need to look for a new buddy because Moët & Chandon's wine quality and communication manager has told the world there is an even better pairing for the luxury beverage (via Food & Wine).

First, a little background: Champagne is a premier sparkling wine that many people reserve for celebratory milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. The good stuff is generally expensive, which is why most people don't drink it very often. Champagne gets its name from the area in France where it is produced, and the French are sticklers about only allowing wines that are produced in Champagne, France to be called champagne. While it might seem a little snooty, it really isn't. After all, no one wants a rival brand ripping off their name. Champagne is no different (via Vine Pair). 

Back to the matter at hand. Caviar has always been a great companion to champagne because of caviar's high salt and fat content. Champagne, in return, serves as a palette refresher when you are enjoying your fish egg canapés (via Robb Report). So, it might be surprising to learn there is a food that pairs even better with champagne. So what is this magical food?

This is the food to eat with your champagne

Move over caviar, because there's a new dynamic duo in town. And French fry lovers everywhere, rejoice, because the food that pairs best with bubbly, according to Marie-Christine Osselin, the Moët & Chandon's wine quality and communication manager we mentioned earlier, is French fries. Osselin said in an interview that the acidity of champagne perfectly complements the salty goodness of French fries. Osselin further noted that champagne doesn't require a fancy meal to be enjoyed. 

With that said, you might want to skip the chili cheese fries and just stick with the basic pomme frites, because simple is better for champagne to work well as a pairing. There are plenty of high-end eateries that agree with Osselin, including New Orleans' famous gastropub Sylvain, which offers an appetizer of, you guessed it, champagne and French fries, dubbing it the "perfect combination" (via Town & Country). And Ray Isle, editor of Food & Wine has believed in the coupling of French fries and champagne for years. Isle said, "Basically, salt and fat plus high acid and bubbles equals a great combo." 

So, put some champagne on ice, and grab your favorite, salty fries from your drive-thru of choice, because it's time to raise a glass. Champagne and French fries are officially a thing!