Why You Can't Try The New McDonald's McFlurry Everyone Is Talking About

McDonald's is well-known for turning our favorite candies and desserts into iconic McFlurry flavors. From Butterfinger, to M&M, to Oreo McFlurries, McDonald's has us craving their ice cream concoction. Well, it looks like McDonald's Germany is getting the newest candy pairing: the Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry. 

If you're jealous, you're not alone. McDonald's Germany already has some McFlurry offerings that have people everywhere wanting to grab a spoon and dig in. From Germany's McFlurry Toblerone (it might make Joey from the show Friends ask Ross if he could pick one up at the airport), to the McFlurry Brownie Caramel Sauce, to the McFlurry Chocolate Lentil Raspberry Sauce, this international fast food chain has a variety of McFlurry menu options that are worthy of a little coveting. There's even an option to build your own McFlurry with a choice of four different sauces and three different toppings. 

But what is so great about this new Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry? For one, you need a passport and a plane ticket to even try it; in fact, you may be feeling the same pangs you felt about McDonald's blueberry creme cheese pie you could only get in Malaysia. And secondly, it's made with a Kit Kat flavor that the American candy bar market has never experienced. Need we say more? Not only is the color beautiful and ready for Instagram foodies to go wild over, the taste is special. McDonald's Germany describes this newest McFlurry as a "dream in pink" (via McDonald's Germany).

Give the U.S. a ruby break, Kit Kat

So why can't McDonald's McFlurry lovers over here have this new dessert? Kit Kat bars in the United States are licensed by Hershey, while Kit Kats in countries like Japan and Germany are made by Nestle, which seems to be a little more creative in its flavor offerings. From wasabi, to crimson potato, to plum wine, to the Kit Kat Ruby, Nestle takes some real risks in creating flavors that are not only unique, but a little adventurous for the sweet lover's pallet. 

Only recently, in the U.S., have we seen flavors like Lemon Crisp that appeared around Easter 2020, and Raspberry and Crème, which appeared around Valentine's Day. Prior to this, Hershey stayed on the safe side of the candy making road, selling milk, white, and dark chocolate versions of the Kit Kat to the candy bar eating community (via New York Daily News). 

With this in mind, do you think we will ever see McDonald's Ruby Kit Kat McFlurry in the U.S.?  Instagram user Candy Hunting thinks not, citing that no candy bar maker in the U.S. has yet to make a candy bar with a ruby cacao product. We hope this isn't the case, but we can always enjoy an Oreo McFlurry in the meantime!