Why Everyone's Talking About Trader Joe's Honey Aleppo Sauce

Trader Joe's never fails to intrigue with their new items shelf to browse and of course, you want to try innovative and seasonal products at home. Add this new Honey Aleppo Sauce to your shopping list right now. 

What exactly is Aleppo sauce you might ask? The name Aleppo refers to a Syrian pepper by the same name (via Healthyish). As you might guess, war-torn Syria is not an easy location to source affordable peppers right now, so most Aleppo peppers available to us are currently produced in Turkey. 

In the Middle East, this pepper is commonly dried or made into a sauce and used to season meat, beans, salads, or regional favorite muhammara dip. The pepper itself described as having a slow-building heat but, only half as hot as your typical pizza parlor red pepper flakes. The pepper should smell bright and fruity — think of a cuminy sun-dried tomato.

So what more do we know about Trader Joe's red sauce inspired by the Aleppo?

Honey Aleppo is an all-purpose cooking sauce

The Trader Joe's Honey Aleppo Sauce costs $3.99 for a 10-ounce bottle and is made from straightforward and simple ingredients: olive oil, honey, vinegar, salt, peppers, rosemary, thyme, and garlic. TJ's recommends adding it to grilled meats, salads, or even crudités. One Instagram user added it to air fryer wings saying, "air fried wings + honey aleppo sauce from trader joe's ...will definitely be keeping this sauce in the pantry." Another cook shares on Instagram, "OMG THIS IS SOOOOO GOOD. Shrimp and rice dinner featuring the New Honey Aleppo Sauce." 

It seems this sauce works similar to a honey barbecue when glazing food for the sauté pan or grill, but can double as a hot sauce for cold food items too. Experiment with this versatile sauce to make your own creation. Try mixing up a fry-dipping sauce, spicing up a pasta salad, or seasoning a couscous medley.