Fireball Pineapple Is The Boozy Grilled Treat You've Been Missing

When it comes to grilling, fruits typically don't cross the mind. Meats, of course, as well as some fish and certain vegetables are grill standards, and even plant-based meat alternatives like the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger have been popular in recent years. But pineapple? Not so much. However, this summer, a pineapple might be just the thing to add to your repertoire of grilled items. Delish suggests a Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey-soaked grilled pineapple that is sure to spice up any barbecue. 

To prepare the dish, cut the pineapple into wedges, and put them in a bowl to marinate with a hefty pour of Fireball. Let it soak up the booze in the refrigerator for an hour. Then, add 1/4 cup of cinnamon sugar, as well as 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper if you really want to spice things up. Stir the pineapple pieces until they are fully coated in the mixture. Now, it's grilling time!

Finishing touches for the boozy pineapple dish

Put the pineapple on the grill at a medium, or a medium-high heat and rotate so the pieces are cooked evenly on all sides, about eight to ten minutes, depending on grill temperature. You'll know that this treat is done when you can easily put a knife into the center of the pineapple piece. The creation works quite well as a topping for vanilla ice cream, or heck, on its own.

Meanwhile, it should go without saying, but when you take the pineapple out of the whiskey, don't dump the Fireball down the drain as it can be used for cocktails. And speaking of Fireball, make sure you're careful with the whiskey around the grill. It'd be a shame to flambé your eyebrows while making this would-be fun dish.

If you feel like you've been seeing a lot about Fireball, you would be correct (via Thrillist). Fireball is having a bit of a moment in recent years, and we aren't mad at that at all!